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To JMAN-re :meltdown training

Hi JMAN. I started meltdown training two weeks ago and it is brutal, I’m now on the 4x circuits a day. The fat loss is a bit slow nd I’m not really sure why . I am using a low carb approach. I take in two tbsp of flax two tblsp of canola, 20 grams fish oil everyday. carbs are from 50-70 . I take Surge during and psotworkout fora total of 50g of carbs. Is this reccommended? What are yours and Mr Alessi’s views of a drink like Surge during and after training on this program. Also during the circuits…my weights are incredibly low and even then often times I do not meet the desired rep rage, hitting failure early like from 6-8 reps. This is because my grip and lower back are shot for the next rounds. For example i can do 10 chins the first circuit at the prescribed tempo but then hit only 4 the next one(I usualy go back nd forthe with a few econds in betweewhen this happens until i reach 6-8 chins). Should I keep lowering the weight even further than the reduced poundages its at now? I would like to keep these exercises also as they are large multi joint for better fat loss. Thanks for all your help …I really appreciate it…Mike


well, a couple things could speed up your fat loss. first, do not take in any carbs after your workout(instead use up to 40g of glutamine and 10g BCAAs) second, are you doing the interval training?..if you are make sure to do it on days your not weight training so that your body is active 5-6 days a week(this helped me considerably). also make sure you take zma and 10g glutamine on an EMPTY stomach before bed. As for your second question, it seems your weakest link is the deadlift(lower back/grip weakness)so i would organize your circuit in this order. squat/deadlift/pullup/pushup. untill you can complete at least 8 chins each circuit, i would stay with only 3 circuits. it is ok to lower the weight but try to lower no more than 10% each circuit. lastly cut out the canola oil, keep the flax and fish oil.

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Thanks alot for your help JMan. I will follow your recomendations.The deadlift may be my weak link in the circuit and I will use your structure. As for the no carbs after lifting, is this reccomendationonly or dietig phases or constantly. John Berardi has some good info on post workout nutrition on this site. it seems the best time is postworkout(and pre and during nutrition) because of high insulin sensitivity. I will do as you say though.Just curious. thanks Mike

if your only goal was to gain muscle tissue i would say yes, have the carbs in the post workout shake, but charles poliquin instructed me last year at a seminar that you should skip the carbs and add a ton of glutamine if your goal is fat loss and you are above 8-9%fat

hey jman, I’m also going to start meltdown training. But what I don’t understand is it says in week 3 that I can do meltdown training in the mornings of the OFF days. What does off mean? Is Don saying we can still lift weights during the week other than the meltdown training. The article led me beleive that this “death circuit” was about incorporating both areobic and anareobic into one but if I have it wrong, what should my exercises, reps, sets, be on the days I dont do meltdown training. Thanks Jman!

okay this is an old thread, but I just had one quick question:
You mentioned that you should have the ZMA and the glutamine on an EMPTY stomach before bed…well fine but what should I drink the glutamine with then? OR do I just gulp down the powder?