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To Jim - Reset Protocol

Hi Jim,

You said in a number of earlier posts that you and those you train are no longer using 5 forward 3 back. What protocol do you use during a reset?

We use a variation of the 7th week protocol. Assures that you have correct TM and there will never be another question or excuse. It’ll all be in new book but it’s 100% fool proof for people with common sense. One of the changes ive had that allows a lifter or coach to program properly. How we program now (not templates) is easy and simple to follow.

Hey mate i cant talk for jim and how he does 7th week protocol (i would ask but will be in the new book when it is out) but i like to program 4 cycles and decide after 1’s week of each cycle whether to -increase tm as per normal -use smaller increments for squat/deadlift -keep tm the same or go back 2-3. This is based off bar speed and how heavy the weight felt and also assuming i have followed all recovery protocols jim says.