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To Jason N/Coach Davies/Anyone- HELP!

I need some advice. I am on day 3 of my Mag10, Meltdown training program, things were going great until I went to the Doc and he told me the pain in the back of my leg is a partially torn achilles tendon. I am now in an orthopoedic boot and am not allowed to do any leg work for at least four weeks, he may still have to do surgery if this does not work.
My goal is still to lose a bunch of fat and get shredded, but what should I do? I can do upper body, and any interval cardio in the water that I want. Should I stop the Mag10 and wait until I can go full speed ahead, or, do you guys have some suggestions. ANY ADVICE IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Yes, stop the MAG-10 and conserve it for a time that you can use it and train legs hard. For now, stick with the Don’t Diet calorie recommendations and cut out the supplements. You really need your legs working well to significantly drop body fat in a short period of time. Train M,W,F alternating between vertical push/pull on one day and horizontal push/pull on the other day. Also, use these four months to add in some extra grip work. Throw in 5-10 minutes of arm ergometer work on lifting days if you gym has one to finish off your workout. On 2-3 of your off days, get in the pool and swim. Use sprints, intervals and whatever you want for 15-30 minutes until you feel like you’ve really got a good workout. You will slow down a little without being able to train legs or do any typical cardio, but should be able to keep losing the fat and also you should come out of this time with a much improved upper body. This is only a small hitch in your program, so don’t worry.

Thanks Jason! Another ?, what if I cut calories big time, I think I saw where Bill felt it OK to do so while taking Androgens. So, if I continue the Mag10, continue to kick my own a$$ in the gym and do my cardio/sprints in the water, do you see anything good here or am I reaching too much. Thanks again for answering!

Your call. My wallet can’t support that kind of supplement usage, but if you have the cash, you could still keep the MAG-10 up. If cash is tight, I would save the MAG-10 for a time where you can really go all out. You can still make great progress without the androgens, it will just be slower.

Question: Do you think it’s wise to cut calories a lot when you’re in the orthopedic boot? I’m not certain of this, but intuition says that if your leg muscle might be prone to atrophy in the boot (I’m not certain how much atrophy would occur in a walking boot as opposed to being on crutches), you wouldn’t want to massively restrict calories and risk accentuating the atrophy process. If you do restrict calories, make certain to ingest a lot of casein protein a la Cy Willson’s recommendations, which were based on a study of people working out on calorie-restricted diets.