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To Inject, Or Not To....

A quick question regarding your experience?.

I was wondering if those who have experienced using both or heard about it, can tell me if there is much difference between using injectable Tren V.S. oral Tren?

Also, the same question for Winni.

Thanks in advance guys.

There is an oral tren? There is a rumor going around out there that you can just eat finaplix pellets, but this is not a good idea. I’ve heard of people doing it, but i dont know anything about this practice. The MSDS provided with finaplix says if you eat any to seek immediate medical attention.

As for winstrol, the chemical structure is the same for both the oral and the injectible version. However, absorbtion via oral is not as effective as injection. For example: if you are running winstrol at 50mg/day via intramuscular, to get the same/similar effect 75-100mg/day would need to be administered via oral. The injectible allows for a more stable blood concentration of the drug, which is definetly desireable. The injectible is what i would prefer, but the downside is a lot of the UG lab winstrol products are not suspended very well and thus do not inject properly or at all so this is a consideration.


Injectable tren is just so much better.

As for winstrol the advantage of injecting it is basically just site enhancements other than that, as JP said oral is just as good - you only need to take a little more. The half life of oral winny is 9 hours, so actually if taken twice to 3 times per day, you can maintain quite stable blood levels. And of course oral winny is much cheaper than the injectable kind.