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To Help or Not to Help?


My friend wants to get started on weight lifting. And since I'm the only one he knows that lifts weights regularly, he wants me to help him(I actually talked him into it Very Happy) Thing is though, I don't think he really has the commitment to do it long term/full time like we do.

He told me once that he only wants to build his chest, traps, back and abs. I guess he has better ambitions than most "newbies" and actually wants to build muscle in those areas and not just arms and abs.

I told him I'll help him build his legs too. With squats and deadlifts, of course but he cringed with the idea of doing heavy squats/deadlifts.

So, knowing that he's prolly not gonna stick with it long term/make it a lifestyle, you guys think I should go ahead and help him out anyways? What would you do?



dude it's not like lifting weights is some crazy ass science that involves bubbling beakers and schmatics in a lab.

show him how to properly lift. after that, you can invite him to come lift with you if he's cool.

what else is there? does he need you to hold his dick while he pees?

although honestly, at 5'4 and 130lbs, i probably woudln't be asking you on how to lift weights.


Fess up and just say your friend wants to help you...jk

Help him out anyways you'll feel very rewarded in doing so. I trained with countless friends of mine and gave them all the knowledge that I have gained over the years to help them with their goals.

And by the way do not turn into TYPE2B with so many threads that he makes!


....dude im saying I KNOW he's not gonna be totally commited so he's not gonna be a good training partner.

Well I guess I'm just gonna get him started and see from there....

Oh and don't even get me started on being 130. I started from 102lbs and gained 28 almost all clean in 1 year. So I'm still trying to gain.

And fuzzy thanks for the heads up. I don't really make alot of threads just thought I'd start a couple since I've been reading alot and never really posting that much.


If he's really not that into it then don't bother.

Especially at such at early stage in your training, it has the potential to hold you back and frustrate you.


Can you really count that 28 lbs? You're still in high school. How do we know that wasn't because of a little thing called puberty?


Well, bottom line is I guess at least I made good progress and I stuck with it. And this kid wouldn't come for me for at least guidance on getting started if he wasn't at least a bit impressed with the way I lift and look.


i have yet to be impressed by the way a 5'4, 130lb guy looks.


well i ain't big by any means. but he's 5'7 130 so, he's skinny and i'm a little bulkier than he is. and like i said i can squat 1.5x my B.W. though my bench sucks cuz of a broken bone couple years ago on my forearm.