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To Hell with Crossfit!


Does the epidemic Crossfit craze bug the shit out of anybody else???

I'm happy that people are taking a different approach to lifting than the 3x10 and half-ass cardio BS. But shit! I was trying to lift this morning, chest/bis with Cosgrove's complexes at the end, when 10 Crossfitters walk in and decide they're going to completely take over half the gym to do their BS.

I generally try to take a "to each his own" attitude in the weightroom, but at least three times I had to ask somebody to move away from my bench so I could do a set, and the entire time they're chatting and laughing and generally distracting everybody trying to get a workout in.

Again I applaud anybody trying to make some progress. But should my time really be completely fucked just because a group of sheeple want to do 87 sets of goodmornings and "pushpresses" with a fucking curl bar????

Shit, they let me in on the Oly platform to do my complexes, and when I load 185 to get a good workout and do my first set these fuckers have the balls to accuse me of showing off!!!!
GPP my ass, "pushpressing" a curl bar isn't preparing you for anything but an asswhooping by somebody who's sick of accomodating every trend that comes along!

rant over


I think this was all covered in the question of strength article discussion.


You're just jealous because you aren't functional.


I don't know what Crossfit is. But it sounds gay.


Meh it has its place. Generally though when a group of more than three peaople get together in a weightroom doing ANYTHING they spend more time dicking around than training.


You have to question the veracity of any fitness system(for lack of a better term-maybe religion?) that CELEBRATES it's most common injury(rhabdo) like it's a badge of honor.

What's that? You haven't gotten rhabdo yet? Pfft. Stupid newb.


I'm pretty sure they'd catch hell from the originators of CrossFit if they were slacking off the way you described. Like anything else, it's a way for some people to feel a part of a community and some people get stupid with it.

Hate the players not the game.


I agree, its even worse in the military where the craze is really taking over...I'm not even sure why, I'm a hell of alot more confident in the ability of someone who can dead lift and squat massive amounts of weight, to pull my unconscious body out of a burning vehicle and bring me to safety...but I guess I'm wrong.


of course youre wrong, youre from joyzey


Crossfitcan be fine, but the boards there are very cult like. People revel in taking the "Crossfit Kool-Aid". They kind of got their head stuck up their rumps.
I take some ideas from them, but they got those ideas from someone else too anyway.


Trend hoppers. They are annoying but harmless in their quest for the latest fashion in fitness.


They seriously push press a curl bar?

What the hell ever happened to lifting weights and running to be fit and strong?

I find running is more "functional" than high rep olympic lifts for endurance.


i don't think you should let that represent all crossfitters. there are some pretty hardcore dudes doing crossfit that would have plenty of respect for you and whatever it is you would be doing in the gym. the ones that scream that functional bullshit are the people just trying to cling to something easy and rag on somebody else because of their insecurities. those dudes would've surely pissed me off and probably would've pissed off a true hardcore crossfitter. i'm not into it, but i have respect for the badass military and police/fire personnel that use it correctly.

oh yeah, GO BROWNS!!!


Crossfit forums are a bit nutty and full of zeal but other than that I don't see how it's a bad thing especially if it appeals to people. If I hadn't stumbled across the videos of crossfit women doing a workout I might not have gravitated towards weights like I have.

I also came across performancemenu.com and T-Nation on crossfit's website and I'm certainly glad I did!


Me too, you're hot.


You're right, I took a bit of an all or none approach there. I know there are people who do it right and are some seriously fit folks. I just never seem to run into them. I run into the people who can't even do goodmornings with a curl bar with proper form.

I'm just hoping the next big trend isn't seeing how many pieces of gym equipment you can tag in 2 minutes or something. That shit happens and I'll start clotheslining the bastards!!


You've hit the hammer on the nail with the head.

So to speak.

Sure its pretty much bullshit compared to a serious lifter's routine, but it is entertaining and they try to compete with each other.

Meaning they are more likely to stick with it, and for the average person looking to stay in shape, crossfit is way better than anything else they would try.




They remind me of grasshoppers.


sheep of all flocks annoy the piss out of me.
"I train westside"
--westside is a gym.
"I train crossfit"
I think this is how Jesus prepared for crucifixion.