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To Hell I Go In An SUV

Forgive me, for I have sinned…the Lion owns a big, purple, gas guzzling, Chariot of the Damned…A Jeep Grand Cherokee…
What the hell is going on? Not only am I being blamed for the Nation’s gas dependency, keeping Saddam in power, and driving my soul straight to Eternal Damnation…I’m watching Dan Rather tonight and I’m being blamed for the death’s of Toddlers by some Safety “Advocacy” Group…
On a serious note…I’m in America…I’m in somebody’s “political cross-hairs”…and am the “whipping boy” of the moment…
What gives, guys?

Hey bud, you said it yourself: you’re in America. It’s just your turn to be in the crosshairs of the “Let’s blame someone else for all our problems” lobby. How’s it feel? :wink:

Any time you want, man, you just say the word and I’ll set you up with a nice job here in Japan. All the sushi and nice Asian chicks you can eat, and no one - but NO ONE - ever says, “You made me…”

DAYUM! Mufasa, I didn’t realize you were such a jerk! An SUV? Keeping Saddam in power? Killing toddlers? Profiting as a descendent of slaves? LOL! That’s the media bro! It can make certain things the topic of the day, and you may just be one of the people they accuse as taking part in those “wrong doings.” You have to remember that much of what you see in the media has been exaggerated because bad news is good news in the media. Who wants to hear about the local hero that saved a family from a burning house? Or the local nonprofit agencies helping those who need it most? That’s just not interesting news. And the media likes to portray the worst in America since it seems to sell. Just like sex bro, it sells. So don’t take it personally! But I have to agree about the SUV thing! I think they suck! If you’re not offroading, what’s the point? They are big, use a lot of gas and usually never are used to their full capacity. Without SUV’s, we’d have more gas to go around for those of us who like sporty, fast cars! LOL!

Japan,…You gotta be kidding. I am so sick of everybody’s smart ass remarks on America. I live in the best country in the world, period. Land of the FREE home of the BRAVE. I am AMERICAN and I will die an AMERICAN. Just had to vent that. peace

We could take Japan in a fight!lol


Ever lived anywhere else…?


Deep, dark purple (looks black at night!)…black baseboard and trim…brown interior…purrs when she runs!..

I think Jesus and His Quorum of 12 would LOVE my truck! (P.S. No intent to be sacrilegious or to offend…those pious, anti-SUV religious zealots “threw the first stone”…)

I drive a small coupe, and I don’t see the point in driving big ass cars. read:Most people DON’T have a need for a big-ass car such as an SUV or Pick-up truck. I can understand vans(usually used to transport tools and equipment). I can also understand mini-vans, in the cases of large families.

What I don’t understand is why a single, 5’6" 140lb guy who never usees the vehicle to transfer anything other than groceries would need to buy a huge fucking SUV or pick-up.

The reason large vehicles really piss me off is simple: I drive a small car, so when they get their big asses in front of me, I can’t see through them, unlike a standard car. Sort of like an obese person beside you on a bus :0)

You need to look in the mirror and see what it is you’re compensating for…

First, you’re someone who was “once” obese (true obesity is actually a lifelong struggle),who now hates and rales on the very same people…(see “Fat People Suck” Thread)

Now this…what is “need?”. Living in America, there are a helluva’ LOT of things we don’t “need”. You don’t “need” the computer you’re working on…and related to your depise of my SUV ownership? Bite me. You don’t “need” your car. Get a bike. Too far to work or school? Then get a motor scooter; (it’s hard to see past your “coup” when riding one, by the way…)

Hey…look at yourself, Bro, before you start judging others…



Does it have a cd player in which you can play Tom Jones quite loudly and with great joy?

MBE: “Worth his weight in pounds since 1441.”


Why would me living anywherez else have anything to do with the pride i have for my country…?

Well, if you post a sentence like “I live in the best country in the world, period”, I naturally assumed that you’d have something to compare that country to. I mean, if you’ve never lived anywhere else, how would you know that America (or any given country) is really the best?

Kind of a conundrum, huh?

I never said that people who drive big cars compensate for anything; I said they annoy me for a very simple reason. But since you bring compensation up, I realize in your case it’s compensation for something caused by eating too many soy burgers.

I’m not going to tell you what not to drive since I can’t stop what’s embedded in your brain. But don’t expect me to be happy about it. If I happen to dislike SUVs, that’s my opinion and I don’t see it as a reason for you to flame me.

Awww, don’t get me started dude. Have you ever lived in America? It may sound a little ignorant, me saying that cuz no i haven’t been anywhere else but then again i wouldn’t have to. Don’t get me started on why i KNOW i live in the best(and by best i mean in virtualy every perspective) country on the planet. I could make a list for you but i really don’t think i have to. Or do I? Or maybe you could ask the millions that escape the hell holes that are thier coutries to make a better life here…maybe they could enlighten you.

I’m going to make a wild stab in the dark here… but I do think Char has lived in the U.S.

Ask any European whether they like Europe better than the US.

RenegadeD, your wild stab is, amazingly enough, correct! How on EARTH did you know? :slight_smile:

I am in fact a US citizen who has made his home in Japan for the last ten years. I spent a good 30 years or so in America, and it is a great country. No doubt about it. But it’s not the whole world.

Big Tyke, if you’re trying to say that people are better off in America than in Cambodia or somewhere, I won’t argue with you. But that’s a far cry from being the best country in the world. If you want to talk about immigration, France actually has higher per capita immigration stats than the US. So by your criterion, that would make France better.

Also, there is a very large (and growing) ex-pat community of disaffected Americans who choose to live abroad. We have seen both, and chosen something else. That may not mean anything to you personally, but for you to say “We’re the greatest” without having any other-place living experience…well, it’s kind of like someone saying, “Hamburgers are the best food! Bar none!” without ever having eaten anything else. Sure, hamburgers are probably better than lima beans (after all, you’ve seen the bean-eaters, and they surely do go wild for our burgers), but are they better than sushi?

If you’ve never had sushi, how do you know? See my point?

Now why would Europeans not liking America have anything to do with this subject? That could easily go both ways…ask any American weather they like America or Europe, I just don’t see what your getting at??

Yeah, the relevance is that I was responding to whether the US of A is the greatest country in the world. I’m saying that the Japanese, or Europeans, would disagree. I’m saying it’s very subjective in some cases. Italy over the US? Hmm. See my point?