To Frontload or Not? Test E

Just looking for opinions on whether or not it’s a good idea to frontload. I’m not worried about the $ it takes or the costs, I just want to know if Frontloading makes any difference at all in getting your cycle ‘started’ earlier. It seems that it would, using half-life logic, but I’m not sure of the science behind esters and stuff.

I’ve tried researching but I run into a 50/50 split on opinions. It’s been 3 years since I read/heard anything about steroids and there’s so much more information available now, was hoping you could help me out.

BTW - planning on doing 500mg/wk for 12 weeks, was going to frontload the 1st week to 1000mg.

Thanks! And if you could, please give reasons as to it works or doesn’t, or some personal experience you have had with this issue.

either use a frontload or an oral to start up faster. Im assuming you don’t have an oral so frontloading would help alot with the cycle.

I also have Anavar, but that obviously takes a week itself to kick in. I’m saving it for later in the cycle.

So far, reading both sides - well as much as I’ve been able to see of the both sides - reason tells me the Frontloaders are right. But, I don’t know the issue that might make esthers behave differently than standard half-lifes. If they don’t behave differently, if they follow those rules, then frontloaders are obviously right. But, I think what I’ve gathered from a few separate posts is they’re arguing that Esthers don’t release like half-lives at a gradual pace, but instead nothing is absorbed until the esther is cleaved.

I don’t know the science behind that, and I might be wrong, but that seems to be the argument to me.

Frontloading results in a higher blood serum level fast. If you pin every 3.5 days, the ‘overlap’ (ie- the amount of estered Test remaining in your bloodstream and the injection depot) will slowly build over a couple of weeks.

Frontloading results in a higher total amount of Testosterone faster.

Pin 2 or 3 days in a row, or pin 2 or 3 CCs at once (assuming 250mg/ml concentration) to frontload.

Also Anavar kicks in within ~40 minutes. It doesn’t build in your bloodstream or take days/weeks to feel.

If I take 50mg Anavar and walk up a set of stairs half an hour later, the calf pump is excruciating, for example.


Dave pretty much nailed it. The big question is whether or not frontloading gets the AAS into your bloodstream quicker. This is an indisputable yes. Regardless of ester cleavage and whatever, taking more up front gets more of it into your bloodstream faster.

And I mean, if the costs are neglibile, and side effects are the same, why not just do it? Pros heavily outweight whatever cons may be out there.

So, do you guys think it would be worthwhile to start Var first? Because right now my gear got in wayy quicker than I thought and I have no pins, which I have to order, which will take a week from now to get here, etc.

Honestly, I just don’t want to wait. I want to start right now, lol. I was planning on using the var for the tail end of the cycle, like the last 8 weeks, 2 weeks coming after I’ve stopped test and ending right before PCT. So, ok, I think the question I’m really asking is: would there be anything extra bad or stupid about doing 'var now for 3 or 4 weeks while I wait for my pins to come in and while I wait for the Test E to really really start kicking in (once I can even inject it)… and then come off the var for 4 weeks, finish off with 6-8 weeks on var like originally planned? Or would it even be worth coming off of for the 4 weeks? IDK, but everything I’ve been reading has advised using it in small cycles of only a few weeks, up to 6-8, but I’m not sure if my ‘smaller’ cycles while on a larger cycle make any sense or not.

Make sense? Sound extremely dumb? Just wait to use the var to finish the cycle? Or is it cool to ‘kickstart’ now and then finish the cycle later with it?

Ok, that sounds complicated let me outline it:

wk 1-(3 or 4): Anavar 75mg/day
wk 2-12: Test E 500mg/wk
wk 8-14: Anavar 75mg/day

Something like that, with PCT following week 14, of course. Would doing the Anavar like that be a really bad thing? If so, why?

run the var for 6 weeks at 75mg if you can. You’ll get awesome strength gains right from the start which is very motivating.

It probably does make more sense from a gains point of view to run it at the end bridging to PCT but fuck that! Get strong now I say!