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To EQ, or Not To EQ

I am going to do 3 week cycles and was wondering if EQ could be used

My plan was injecting 600mg on day minus one, and 400mg on the first day of my cycle, then just letting it run for 3 weeks.

Along with the EQ I will of course take some other compounds like Tren eod and Winny or Anavar ed

Just wondering if this type of EQ use would be productive, also since all the other compounds I am taking don’t convert to estrogen, I was wondering if an “anti e” is necessary.
I know the structure of EQ allows it to convert, but at such a low dose do you guys think I may have a problem.

Thanks for your help!!!

eq has too long of a halflife to be suitable in this application. See if you can get some bolenone propinate.

Why not just a short half-life test like prop?? Test and Tren is supposed to be wonderful.

i tried using eq in my last short cycle. i can guarantee that it will not clear the system fast enough as noted by slight acne on my upper back which did not occur during previous cycles where all else was the same. i would say that it takes about 4 weeks to clear out after eq, with the last week to week and a half being low levels, but enough to inhibit. if you look around, boldenone propionate is available as well as acetate. test prop and anavar along with arimidex would be a simple alternative if you want to stay away from the tren. another option is prop, npp and winny, but the npp should be kept to around 200mg a week for the shorter cycle if one wants to lessen shutdown due to short cycle length