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To End All Arguments...


In the same vein as my last post here on the Politics and World Issues forum - this post is designed to piss off all you tight-ass, panty-in-a-bunch, punk bitches out there who take all things politics too damn seriously.

Once again, this piece of literature is not my own, and even though I'd consider myself a conservative, I'm still able to laugh at the comments he makes about the right, just as much as I laugh about the left.

To find the site where I got this article, go to www.fredoneverything.net You'll probably find all kinds of other articles that are intriguing and usually pretty funny.



Keep it up!! Both this and your last thread are great. People have no sense of humour these days. The world would be a better place if people un-hooked their bunched-up panties and took everything a little less seriously.


That was nice.:slightly_smiling:


Considering your last thread, I'm pleasantly surprised.


well said by the author