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hey fellas in regard to you r posting of BOINKING which was funny as hell i have another story for you guys im from Canada and im down in Texas for fire fighting school and i met this guy who thinks us canadians are freaks cause of this story. ive played hockey for about 16 years and in the dressing room and on bus trips we all play good pranks on each other in good fun. so when our team would get a bunch of new rookies we would make them all get but naked on the buss then shove em all in the tiny bathroom and throw soem change on the floor and whoever came out of there with no change would have ride the rest of trip but naked but its just all in good fun so there go and i gaurantee you that none of us are gay cause ive seen and heard of some damn good orgies on hockey trips. thanks fellas.

I never played football or anything while I was in high school, but I was cool with pretty much everyone who did. None of them ever told me about this, but I’d heard it from others. What the hell is with that game “cracker” (?) Something about the guys on the team nutting on a cracker and the last one to blow has to eat it? Is that right? Maybe I just heard some bullshit rumor… but it wasn’t only one school. That just seems a little to extreme. Anybody else know of this?

i played football and basketball altough high school and i have never seen or heard of anything like that or that “cracker” game if i would have i would have beat the shiznit out of them bunch of freaks

Fucked up things I’ve heard about hockey players (mostly told by hockey players):

  1. Pissing on each other in the shower.
  2. Videotaping each other having sex
  3. Circle jerks…last guy done turns off the VCR.
  4. Taking a chick to a movie, getting popcorn, putting a hole in the bottom of the bag, and well…you can guess the rest (i don’t know how true this one is)

Cool things:

  1. All that aggression.
  2. Puck bunnies.

Having spent 3 1/2 years in a fraternity, none of this is shocking or even that outrageous. We had a rule in our house that if you passed out with your shoes on, you were fair game for pranks. While most of the pranks were pretty benign, shaving off eyebrows, writing “I love cock” across someone’s forehead with a permanent marker (takes about a week to wash off), more than a few off those pranks involved genitalia or hairy asses, the drunk person’s face, and a camera for posterity. Nothing says memories like someone pulling out a picture of your face bookended by two hairy asses. And I won’t even get into pledging or hell week. Although i will say that one of the few ways a pledge could get back at a brother was by dipping your dick and sack in their soda before you served it to them at lunch or dinner.

And, I can say 100% that we were all hetero. The sorority girls can vouch for that…