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To Eat or Not to Eat??


I have a question for all those faced with the same situation I face everyday:
I eat lunch at 12:30, then at 3:00 I get off school and that is when I usually train. I normally eat a meal imediately before I go train then sip on my PWO drink while training.

Do others eat after this 2 hour, 30 min fast or lift on an empty stomach?

-Any input or comments would be appriciated

P.S. - Does the diet you are on (cutting, bulking, ect.) effect this decision?

Thanks - hambone


Really, do you think it is going to make any difference in the long run?


Well, if it's not very beneficial to do one of the suggestions, it would make a difference in the long run don't ya think?
Although I dont really know, i would just recommend whatever you feel gives you the most energy during your workout. If it's just acting like a placebo, who cares - it works for you.


unless, you mean for the guy not to be such a stiff about his diet. then i'm on board with you.


If you're trying to build muscle, eat prior to training.

At the very least, have a serving of Biotest Surge immediately prior to your workout.


Are you allowed to eat during class? IF so, have a little snack like fruit and peanuts (not too little of a serving) usually 30-45 min before your workout. Personally I cant workout with a semi full stomach (thats me).

Nothings wrong with sipping on a PWO shake, but if youre using it for PWO, shoudnt it be used for a PWO (POST Work Out). Best bet is go for surge!!!

Whats goal? Bulk or Cut?




Hmm, I find I don't like working out with a gut full of food.

If I were trying to get something in before a workout I'd probably have a small glass of milk or a Metabolic Drive or a Surge.

It does depend though on the workout. Especially if I'm doing something like squats. Also dips and chins, where I can feel that extra weight.

Anyway, the point is, that if you've been doing things right, your liver and muscle bellies should already be full of glycogen whether or not you eat anything before the workout.


Definitely eat, no matter what. Having protein in your belly when you're lifting will boost protein synthesis more than a pwo shake. You don't necessarily need to eat a lot, just enough to give you some energy and protein without making you too full, and diverting circulation from your muscles to your stomach. That's if you want to bulk.

If you're cutting, eat or drink some lean protein before you work out, but keep the calories and carbs lower. Then skip the pwo drink, or at least keep it minimal, and just have a regular meal about an hour or two after you workout.