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To Eat or Not to Eat After HIIT?

I’m just wondering should I eat after a good running interval training session when cutting some pounds? At lunch I go do some interval training, run 5 flites of stairs walk 2 minutes do it again and again and again for 30min then come back to work and eat, should I wait Xmin after the session to eat or continue what I’m doing.

BTW sorry if this is the wrong forum, seemed like the right place.


No. Eat afterwards if your cutting. If you are cutting but still including carbs, this would be the time to have them.

If you’re really pushing yourself, your legs are going to need a bit of replenishment. I doubt you’d need Surge or a similar drink, but eating afterwards would be beneficial. Since you seem to be eating according to your schedule (instead of eating lunch, running and then eating again), you should be fine.

Cool thanks Trenchant, I figured it should be fine just wanted someone else to confirm.

You can also supplement with BCAA and wait just a little while before an actual meal. I’ve been doing this for a while with success.

For the record, before this I was using Surge post HIIT and I’m doing the same kind of HIIT. I can tell you that Surge is unnecessary after HIIT, although it won’t kill you either. But fat loss seems to be sped up significantly using a fat serving of ICE BCAA post-HIIT followed by a meal about 30-60 minutes later.

And I would be lying out of my ass if I said I wasn’t craving Surge post HIIT, but it takes some self control!

Hope that helps.

I’m going to switch to a PWO shake of:

Metabolic Drive (one scoop)
1 serving creatine mono
20g BCAA
10g l-glutamine
D-Ribose, 1 serving
1g Vitamin C
1-2 packets of Crystal Light “On the Go”

Followed by 1-2 servings Power Drive, 30-45 min later. Solid meal about 45 min after that.

I keep reading that you don’t need to spike insulin post workout because of superior nutrient partitioning and insulin sensitivity during the PWO window. Also, whey/casein seems to be superior to any form of whey by itself.

whne I do HIIT I dont feel like eating at all.
it makes me sick to my stomach

I do though because I know how important it is to eat after working out I go to a salad bar and sit there for a couple hours drinking tea nad picking at plates of spinich and brocolli and whatever meat they have at the time

I force it down but it gives me time to relax too

My usual post HIIT meal is something like chicken breast and some almonds, at least for now. I’m on a carb restricted, 50gs or less, diet so I save the Surge for after lifting only.

Thanks again to everyone, good stuff.

I don’t bother with much HIIT but I know sets of 120-yd sprints on the field turf leaves me eating like a horse for the rest of that day.