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To Eat Or Not Eat


I would like some advice. I have a gut (I look like i'm 3 months pregnant)and I want to get rid of it, but I am going to start a cycle of winstral 50mg orals, and anadrol. I have been on a good diet, and have been losing about two lbs a week.I train five days a week and have been doing about a hour of cardio six days a week.When I go on my cycle should I stay on the same calorie restricted diet, or increase the calories?


Come on dude

Yah, take your aas and go/stay on a calorie deficient diet.
I guess if you're using it as a lbm keeper while dieting, you may get something out of it.


if you're losing 2 pounds per week....then chances are you are losing a decent amount of LBM along with the fat.


What is your bodyfat %? Change up your workouts so that your lifting heavier and doing your cardio either before work in the morning or after your lifting in the evening. This way you will keep most of your LBM. Look up some of Dr. Lonnie Lowery's stuff. Others differ with Lonnie on this subject, but I am using his methods and I am not loosing much LBM. Since injury (shoulder) I have been doing more cardio and have gone from 272 @15% to 262 at 11-12% and I feel good
Are you a personal trainer?
I'm sorry, I had to ask.



I don't know what my body fat % is. It's probaly real high.Right now i'm lifting heavy 5 days a week and doing 60 min of cardio in the morning, and 45 min at night. Yes I am certified as a personal trainer.


what tipped off to you that he was a personal trainer?


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I'm impressed. That's like some sort of sixth sense.


I looked at his profile. Most of the time it gives you a little more info.



Little tip, not that everyone fills it out/or is 100% honest but looking at someones profile before giving them advice on taking steroids is a good idea.

Btw, I'm going to bump what Bushy said. I'm not sure what his opinion is but from my experiance drol seemed to put more fat on me then any other AAS I'd ever bulked on. I was/am around 10 % bodft, and kept my diet cleaner then I usually would on a bulk while using drol and while I did gain alot it was softer then what I'd get off of dbol. Could just be me though. ALso the BP sides of drol are something that a person who's "a chunky monkey" wouldn't want to play with. What's your reasoning Bushido?


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I plan on going up to 150 mg of anadrol and 150 mg of winstral orals per day at the 4-6th week of the cycle.


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The mick? How about the mustardy mick? LOL

ANyway, I'm going to parrot what Bush is saying that's alot of both orals and it's a longer time then I'd run them unless you have a show and some money to made or something like that I wouldn't do that. Or perhaps unless this is something you happen to know has worked for you the past. OTherwise, save the drol till you're at least below 15% (more like 12% or lower imo).


Ya, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that's bad. If the only purpose for using help is to assist in mainting lbm, just use the drol at 50mg/ed. Otherwise, add some test and just use the winny at 50-75mg ed.


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