To Dudes Leaning Out for the Summer...

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nb4 Derek…[/quote]

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Please don’t let obese women be “in vogue” again, at least not for the first half of this century. I beg you natural selection, do the right thing.[/quote]
It would seem that natural selection would favor the stout.

Why are there no fat animals in nature? Unless maybe they are going into hibernation.

Whenever I hear a fat person say something about survival I always imagine a real fat deer.[/quote]

There are fat animals when there are no predators.

Deer in several areas of the UK need to be culled because there are no natural predators and we dont hunt them. If we didn’t cull the herd they would literally eat everything.

Its what they do, eat eat and more eating. A fat perons natural predators is either the road or falling out of bed.[/quote]

I guess diabetes and heart disease aren’t really predators…

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If I ever reached a point in life where I had so little dignity that I thought it was acceptable to wear something called a “fatkini” I would probably just try to find the restart button.[/quote]

From your avatar pic, I don’t think that will ever be an issue.

…see what this “I’m different and it’s OKAY” new age diversity/universalism shit has led to?

Who thought it was okay when they were kids to have two daddies??? Which one did you know to cry to and suckle?

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nb4 Derek…[/quote]

I mean, it’s the same as the cheez-it. It’s real cheese!!!

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nb4 Derek…[/quote]

I mean, it’s the same as the cheez-it. It’s real cheese!!![/quote]
Whats up with the pictures?

Is that happening to anybody else?

It was there but now it’s not. A lot of the pics have been the T-Members thing but yours disappeared.

I wonder if you exceeded the weight limit for pictures…

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Although these women fight for fat acceptance and claim to be proud of their “curves”, I think we all know that they face a continual, internal battle to repress how they truly feel about their condition.[/quote]

I agree. It seems to be overcompensation of pride for a lack of self esteem. Fat doesn’t give you “curves”, it makes you fat. The lack of hard work and dedication gets no respect in my book. Keep lying to yourself.