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To Drop Set or Not to Drop Set?

So Iâ??ve switched away from strongman and Iâ??m back to my body building phase. That said, as far as the experts are concerned, would you say doing drop sets on a consistent basis is the most ideal way to maximize hypertrophy and subsequently build muscle?

As it stands now, I generally work up to 80-85% of my 1RM on all lifts and train to failure for three consecutive sets at that weight, which typically allows me to preform eight to twelve reps. Would I do better to replace this with a drop set and perhaps work up to 90-95% of my 1RM for reps and drop back down the other way?

My only point of contention is Iâ??m trying to stay away from heavy lifting as it tends to draw me back into a cycle where ultimately I care more about lifting heavy than building muscle, so as you can see I am at odds.

Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated.


Do you like my answer ?

I guess you have no clue if you like it because you do not have enough data to answer.

Same here.

There are tons of books/articles saying you are way off. I can save you alot of reading. You sound confused, way off. Maybe reading, searching and precising your question might be a good step.
Good luck !

I honestly think you are using your powerfull arms to hold to a huge tree and asking how to cross the street but anyone suggesting you let go of the tree will not be heard.

Schizophrenic or drunk?

And I think the best answer to OP’s question is: “everything works, but only for awhile”

EDIT (for clarification): 3x12 works. Drop sets work. Another strategy is instensification by maxing out a set, then doing a dropset for as many reps as possible, then another… it sort of combines rest-pause with a decreasingly heavy weight.

Drop sets aren’t an end-all-be-all for hypertrophy, but use them wisely and they will be greatly beneficial.

The same can be said about rest-pausing, utilizing negatives, and all sorts of “intensity techniques.”

Use them - but not every single session / recurring body part. (IMO)

In my opinion drop sets are a tool that should be used every now and again to break the routine. Most on here would agree going to failure every single workout is not preferred.

Drop sets are one method of ‘intensification’ among many. They are better suited to some movements than others and as has been mentioned will only be effective for a period of time.

I’d leave them alone. They can piss off your joints if you use them regularly, and there are plenty of other ways to get a pump

Your current workout focuses on Strenght and mass where as drop sets are purely for mass . Personally i love drop sets but i wouldn’t drop your workout to do them.

Keep in mind there’s an intensity spectrum to drop sets as well depending on number of drops, total reps, difficulty of movement, are you going to failure, etc. Here’s two examples on opposite ends of the spectrum:

Hamstring curls: 8 reps, drop weight in half do 20 more


Leg press: 10pps to failure, 8pps to failure, 6pps to failure, 4pps to failure, 2pps to failure (toes on very bottom of pad now only, heels to ass)

The former is a great way to finish curls right before jumping into the rest of your leg workout. The latter is the end of quad work for your for that day, or at least any productive quad work…lol.