To Drax + other rowers

Hey there, just wanted to give you an update on my progress(I was trying out for the novice rowing team):
I am doing pretty well so far, I am probably going to make the team, BUT I am in frigging shock! I have guys who weigh 145 with 12 inch arms kick my ass in the 500 erg test and,of all things, the bench pull test!!!
Seriously, there are two guys who weigh 145 and did the erg test in 1:35 more or less, I did it in 1:39. And on the bench pull, I got 35 reps and they got 37 and 39(we were using a little over 30kg)!!! Is it more about endurance than strength or do I have to come to terms with the fact that my technique truly sucks? Can you explain this? My stats are 5’9’',177,14% bodyfat(not my best shape ever, but still!!!)
Later people

You’ve probably been doing too much strength/power training. You’re definitely on the HUGE side for someone your height. Most lightweight (154lbs) rowers are about 6’. I guess you could cut down a bit if you’re 14% unless your performance suffers (I don’t think it will though). You really need to work on endurance. As I said before, get good on the erg by training on it. Start doing a bunch of 500m-1000m pieces every day or every other day. Get good at bench pulls by doing bench pulls or bent-over rowing. I can’t say much about your technique because I haven’t seen you pull, but the biggest problem I saw was people not pulling-in or letting the handle out in a straight line. Most people let their knees come up before the arms come out & body comes over. Are you doing that?

Thanks Sav. I guess I could drop some pounds…hopefully rowing 6x at 6:00am will help. Now, yes my technique does suck a bit. My legs bend too fast and usually I end up pulling mostly with my arms. I am trying though, I am trying, will let you know…