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To Doug K. about Azaftig

Are there any supplement companies working on producing an Azaftig product; if so when do you think it would hit the market?

Am I the only one who thought the info about “azaftig” was an early April Fool’s Day joke? I mean, the name (‘a’ from Latin, meaning ‘not’ or ‘without’, and ‘zaftig’ from Yiddish, meaning ‘chubby’ or ‘full-figured’) and the supposed source (the pee of AIDS patients) sound mighty fishy to me. What’s the real deal, Doug?

Zev hit yourself over the head with a baseball bat, cuz youre too damn freakin smart. That’s what I did and man does it feel good, eventually.

I dont think i want to take something that comes from people that have aids and cancer. I would think there is a reason only those people have that shit comin out of them.THEY HAVE A DISEASE!. And i dont know how important it is for me to look like someone who has aids or cancer.

It was no joke (the column or the proeoglycan that I wrote about). Currently researchers at the Louisiana State University are working on an oral and an injectable version. All a supplement company has to do is review their work (Prasad and Figueroa) and synthesize the compound (may be expensive).

Zev, I too thought Doug was pulling our leg, and that this was an in-joke for those of us who know a few Yiddish words.

hehe funny stuff… I didn’t mean that you were spouting bs, actually I ran a search on google.com and got a few websites about azaftig, some even had patents on em and stuff, I didn’t really review em much since they were all thinky, there was some stuff about aids and cancer there. Still to me the stuff sounds too good to be true. Can’t hurt to have a open mind and theorize the future tho eh?

I wonder if there are any side effects?

Oy Gevalt, She-Ra! I’m getting all verklemt just thinking that Doug might mislead us. :slight_smile:

Zev - I know that you are joking around, but I DO NOT mislead. Azaftig is legitimate and very real. I simply stated in the column that it is considered a natural metabolite (meeting DSHEA) and thus can be synthesized and sold by a dietary supplement company. It should be cheap to produce (or have made in China) and has very real effects as demonstrated by Prasad et al.

Have you spoken to anyone at Biotest about selling the product?

that is not what I do. I write for the e-zine. I put ideas out there. If Tim, TC or whomever want to pursue the agent, I’ll help them out as I have many of these type metabolic compounds. Biotest has great products already and is always evolving. They know what there doing. I like combining MD6 and Power Drive for fat loss and support muscle with Surge and low carb Grow personally.