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To Doug Adams and His Camera


Since Doug is way too humble (and I suspect not nearly flexible enough) to blow his own horn I guess I'll have to do it for him.

His movie, Photon Effect, will be premiering at the Waterfront Film Festival on June 11th!

Congratulations and best of luck, Doug!

You can check out the film's website at: http://www.thephotoneffect.com/penews.html


You're the best!



Way to go Douggles!


nice dude!


If Siskel were alive, he'd dig it just like I do


That's awesome, Doug!!

And, a very sweet thing to do, SP.


What would I do if he didnt want to use his powers for good?

I would ask him to make me invisible so I could watch hot girls pee and poop.


Sweet, Doug!

Will there be any local screenings in B-more?


We'll definitely be in contact soon with the Senator theater to arrange a screening(s) there.

This week we we'll be submitting this to the Toronto FF, one of the big ones. Cross your fingers!



If I lived near you I would gladly volunteer to be fodder and get killed off early for no pay lol...well maybe beer for pay.



Good Job Doug




There had better be full frontal nudity!


There is, but it's Doug.


Sorry to disappoint, but it's just my ass in tights. Our lead actor is in his undies for one shot though!


Admit it, you liked wearing the tights.


Way to go Doug.


Great work!



At this very moment, Doug is living it up in beautiful San Diego, CA at the International Comic Con.

Let's hope he is too busy talking with big movie exec types and chasing tail to check this, but Best of Luck Doug!!!


congrats doug. if you get a screening in chicago post it here or shoot me a pm id be interested in going downtown for that one.