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To Deload or Not?

When you get to the end of a training program which involves a peaking week or two ie you have reduced your volume and increased your intensity finishing with testing for a new one rep max do you take a deload before starting a new cycle especially if the new cycle is high in volume or do you think that due to the low volume on the peaking weeks that taking three rest days would be enough recuperation time for the new cycle if you don’t feel beat up ?

I take a deload, especially if you are going to test your new max.

If you have been peaking a long while, you may want to take a few weeks building up some work capacity as going from a couple of sets of singles to six sets of lots of reps can be brutal lol

Thanks for your reply, i tested my new one rep max at the end of the cycle on Thursday and was going to start my new training cycle on Monday as the last couple of weeks have been low volume but i’m not sure if i should take a deload as a result of maxing out on Thursday.

Another question: to use punctuation or not?

Yes, deload. Do it regularly and without fail.

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Sorry for the lack of punctuation I blame it on replying via phone Markko.

Thanks for your input too, it really is appreciated

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