To Deload or Not to Deload, That Is the Dilemma

Interesting question here

So I deadlifted 200kg for 3 reps for a PR this week and my short term goal has been pulling 220kg. Since I have been pulling for 6 months (this training cylcle) without any deload my body got very beat down (especially my lower back). Do you guys think that if I took a deload, a good week off pulling and heavy lifting in general and focused on resting ( eating more, sleeping more ) would I be able to hit 220kg?

I like the idea of deloads, if you’ve noticed a bit of fatigue then I’d suggest incorporating them.

Hard to say what you could lift after a break but I’d figure you’d be rested enough to take a good shot at some good attempts.

I think you can probably get 220 kg anyway.

TL;DR yes, take one.

Personally, and only in relation to deadlifts, I found that once I started pulling 200+ kg regularly it was best to limit heavy DL to once every eight to 10 day’s at least. Now, I prefer every 10 to 14 days.

Deloads are a good idea, and IMO even better if they’re planned. Having to suddenly take one generally means you didn’t get your recovery or training loads right (which has happened to me and probably everyone else here).


Absolutely take off! I run a training cycle for 3 weeks using 5/3/1 method leading up to meet prep. 2 weeks prior to meet I deload. 1 week before meet I run meet openers and then rest and make weight leading up to meet. I have competed in 3 meets in 18 weeks shattering all state records, national records and set 4 world records in masters division. Deloads are important not only to rest the body but also allowing the CNS its time to recover from its stress load. In two weeks time you will definitively shatter that PR.

At this point hes probably at 220kg for 3 dude

After I wrote my response I saw the date and realized that. Lol