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To DeFranco and Rooney, Again


Thanks to these guys I'm now an official Texas A&M football player. Their insight and feedback helped me to improve to a 4.67 forty and a 4.20 shuttle. This is over a half of a second of total improvement, from my fall tryouts. Thanks and Gig'em.



But you know the Cowboys are going to kick your ass next year. Just kidding. Keep up the hard work!!


That's awesome dude, what position do you play and what are some more stats?


If you had to mention just two things that helped improve your 40yd dash what would they be?

Could be certain exercises or drills whatever....




As for other stats we only did a 40 and a shuttle, but we had to do some agility drills (running through pads and cutting). This is where I excelled and got the coaches talking to me (i was 5'11" and 192). I'm playing right CB as for now. As for exercises that helped I basically followed Joe's WSFSB, but I guess if I had to name exercies it would be deceleration training, heavy box squats w/chains, and O-lifts. Nothing to special or complicated. I highly suggest getting a training partner which I never did. Keep working hard guys, you never know what'll happen.


Thanks for the reply!

Good luck in all you do,