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To Dead, Or Not To Dead

How many of you guys swear by dead lifts, and how many stay away…purely for bodybuilding purposes? I am 6.1 ft and get a bit worried about injury when going heavy. Have gotten mixed advice in the past…


Most people will tell you you’re a pussy and you should start deadlifting right now.

Personally, I grow just fine without them.

Well I’m the same height as you and have never injured myself Deadlifting.

Deadlifts are very beneficial, ofcourse as long as you learn the corrct form and are level headed before loading the bar. My favorite is the Romanian Deadlift.

Even if they’re not purely a bodybulding exercise, in the sense that many bodybulders do not utilize them, i believe they are necessary for anybody, be it a bodybuilder, tennis player and athlete of any sort.

Especially for bodybuilding, they help alot in the following ways.
1)They target hamstrings, lower back and hip extensor at the same time, thus they are a very efficient way to target those muscles.
2)They also hit the traps from a different angle, targetting their lower to middle part.
3)You’ll get used to heavy poundages, which in turn will both physically and psychologically help you increase your other lifts.
4)If any exercise has potential to have a spillover effect, it is the deadlift and the squat.

Above i’m mostly describing the Romanian deadlift’s benefits. Classic deadlifts focus more on lower back and also incorporate quads.

Yeah. think I will stick with it…Havn’t been injured before from them, just paranoid I guess.

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I think it depends on what the rest of you workout looks like. I don’t dead very often, but I squat twice a week and do GHR and Goodmornings with it, as well as an OL day.

Well, I currently do stiff leg dead lifts on leg day, once a week. And just started doin dead lifts on back day. I am currently doing 5 sets of chins, 4-5 close grip rows, 4-5 sets of dead lifts…and that cained my back yesterday, was great.

Personally i’m a big fan of deadlifts. They are great for pushing out the lats a little bit and giving me back thickness. I used to be afraid of hurting myself going to heavy, I found the best solution is to just stay at low weights and about 6-8 reps until you feel comfortable enough to move up.

I didn’t do anything about 315 for the first month getting into them seriously (at 265 pounds, 6 feet tall). I would do 135 2 sets, 8 reps, then 225 1 set 6 reps, then if I could get 315, but if I didn’t feel comfortable i’d just do another set of 225.

make sure you stretch before them (this makes a huge difference), personally I like to do some pullups before as well just to get the back moving. Good luck.

Deadlifting is one of the best exercise. They work most body parts and help give you the V-shape on the top of the shoulders.Do not do ATG with them, thighs should start and end at parallel.

I wouldn’t advise doing them on the same day as squats.

I personaly dead nearly 2.5 times my bodyweight and train them once a week, sticking to 5 sets starting at 5 reps to a near max and have had no injuries to date.
I dont know much about the body building crossover as I train mainly for strongman but I have a ripped, well defined lower back because of them.

I love dead lifts, I have one day a week basically dedicated to dead lifts. I don’t know if I could survive without them.

Dead lifts make it exciting to go to the gym.

You won’t hurt yourself as you progressively start with lighter weights for 2 warm-up sets and concentrate on proper form. After you get comfortable you’ll understand it’s not as scary as it seems and it is an awesome lift.

Just start light, focus on form - you’ll be fine.

its not that i dont like them…but i wonder if they are the be all and end all like people make them out to be
(naturally i am hip dominant so maybe thats why i find squats to be a better overall exercise for me, performance wise, however, i still do variations)

-even still…i find it strange that people have reported boosting their deadlift like crazy, and it having next to no carry over as far as sports and everything, dispite many claims saying how important it is…i guess partially for injury prevention (for those that are naturally quad dominant)
-maybe someone will have some insight on this

-for yourself, if you feel that you have good form, and can keep your concentration, you shouldnt be at risk (any moreso than in anything else),but if you fail to do that, then i would consider atleast going light until then

I have been doing deads on and off for the last few yrs now. So, in terms off form, I am ok. Havn’t done them in a while due to an injured knee. So just thought I’d create this tread to get everyones opinion. I did deads for the 1st time yesterday, I did 4 work sets, after a warmup. 1st set - 100 kgs x 10, 2nd set - 140 kgs x 7, 3rd - 180 kgs x 2, 4th - 180 x 3.

Probably shouldn’t have gone so heavy, and maybe kept the reps a bit higher. I wore my weight belt for the 1st time during dead, and it felt like food was getting forces out of me, worst feeling! So I took it off for the last set, and ended doin another rep. BTW, do you guys use straps or not. I just chalked my hands yesterday…

thanks for the feedback

hmm I don’t use straps because I want to strengthen my grip and forearms, I find that is the single thing really holding me back from making more progressive gains in a lot of my development.

Deadlifts for bodybuilding. Interesting debate. Aside from the squat, you can’t beat the deadlift for the amount of muscle mass worked. Of course if you’re breaking form and getting injured you’re not helping yourself get any bigger.

If you don’t do conventional deadlifts you should be doing some form of deadlifts. Stiff-Legged, 1-Legged-Bulgarian w/dumbbells, or rack-pulls. In order to prevent injury you need to be doing some type of compound movement with heavy weights that focuses on your hamstrings.

I don’t think deadlifts are that great for making your back bigger. Stronger…yes. Bigger…no.

[quote]FightingScott wrote:

I don’t think deadlifts are that great for making your back bigger. Stronger…yes. Bigger…no.

Would you elaborate on this a bit?

How a body responds to any exercise is very individual.

There are a lot of guys out there with big deadlifts who have visually impressive backs/glutes/hams… and there are guys out there with big deadlifts that aren’t very developed.

Same with squats.

Deadlift heavy, without straps or gloves. You’ll build mass and increase your work capacity n-fold.