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I read in your reply to the rape issue that you’re going to Ohio University. I’m seriously considering going there for grad school, not this coming fall but the one after, and was wondering what kind of info you have on the gym there at OU, and what life is like around the campus. I lived about 20 minutes east on route 50, near Veto Lake, and was just gonna see from a student what you thought the gym situation was like, or if it’s bad, are any of the local gyms decent? Thanks

What you studyin? I am in engineering, so I couldnt say anything about any program but that. To the gym- Ping Rec center has a nice set up, if you can avoid the meatheads. every qtr they change the times when they mob the place. Sometimes they like the morning, sometimes the afternoon, usually the evening, but you never know. Rarely is it so bad that you cant get a workout in. And some of the stuff they do is actually kind of amusing. THe gym is actually divided into 2 sections, downstairs has all of the free wts, and upstairs has most of the machines. Downstairs there is 3 squat racks, 3-4 flat benches, 2 decline, 2 incline, 2-3 overhead press stations, 2 multi pulley stations, some free flat benches, free adjustable benches, 2 sets of dumbells from 5-120 (i think)lbs. Upstairs is the cardio eqp - stairmasters, bikes, treadmills, etc, and a complete aray of cybex machines. all in all a very nice gym. The idiot situation is as good as it gets, i suppose. I have been to many gyms, and never have i had the pleasure of finding one that is idiot or meathead free.

as far as campus life, not bad. tons of bars uptown, not too many frats/sororities (not too strong of a greek population, but it is definitely here). Some dive bars, some more ‘uppity’ prep bars, and everything in between. all kinds of club sports and the like. The campus is actually very pretty if you stop and enjoy it. all in all, life aint so bad here, except for class… ya know? let me know if i left anything out.

Da Man pretty much hit the nail on the head about the gym. I used to go in about 12 or 1 in the afternoon and was able to have pretty much free reign on the weight room often times. They also have a decent amount of basketball courts with some good pick up games going on in the evenings. There’s a climbing wall and quite a few racquetball courts.

The bar scene is really good there, with a bar for just about anyone’s taste. I was always fond of Pawpurr’s and the CI. I used to work at the Greenery but its now closed down. Halloween is pretty fun your first time or two around but then it gets kinda old. It’s still a good time but kind of annoying to not be able to go to the bars because they are way to packed. There are tons of parties to go to though. Also Palmerfest is always a good time in the spring.

It’s good to see some fellow Bobcats on the forum. I graduated in '99, and everyday I wish I was back at OU. I should have stayed and accumulated a few more majors. The social life is great, and the women are fantastic. Oh, how I miss the Pub, the Junction, and the Pigskin.

I think Ping is a great rec center. The free weight room could be a little bit bigger, but it has everything a growing boy needs. The cardio room upstairs is good, and is fantastic if you need some extra motivation by looking at the chicks on the stairmasters. They have good IM leagues for all sports if that’s your thing. I would highly suggest floor hockey.

I couldn’t recommend OU more highly.

I’m double majoring undergrad at WVU in Physics and Computer science, getting a minor in exercise phys. I’d be goin to grad school workin toward a PhD in physics. I’ve heard good stuff about ping, what about parking there? i’m thinking about just living in the garage apartment my parents had built they’re renting out when I move there, depends on cost of off campus housing, what’s the general rent range? I’ve got a visit scheduled in a few weeks, but since you’re an engineer, I figure you’ve been to the physics department, what’s the place like, got decent equipment? Thanks for your help guys.

Depends where you live really. The apartment I was going to live in my junior year, just off of Court on State, was 300/person/month. You can find them cheaper or more expensive. There are a lot of shitty places because they’re partied in so much each and every year but you can find some good ones. There’s some nice apartment complexes around too. It all depends on your tastes and budget really.

What’s the parking situation like? and how much is a temp pass to ping for me to see it when I go visit? Thanks for your help

Well like most college parking is a hot commodity. You end up walking most anywhere as its a pain to park your car remotely close to where you want to go. I don’t recall how much it costs for a university parking pass though. Da Man might know as he’s still down there. There is a parking garage uptown but I think its quite pricey. It all depends on where you’re living. Various apartment complexes have parking and most houses do. Also, there are cabs there that take you pretty much anywhere for 2 bucks. You should be able to get into Ping for free. Just explain to them that you’re checking out the college and would like to have a look around. You might have to pay like 5 bucks though. Best bet is to get someone you know’s ID and just swipe it through the machine when you get there. That’s what we always did to get our friends who were visiting in there or into the dining halls.