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To Cycle or Not To Cycle?

First time user here, I’m looking to start Test C injections.

One of my main questions is, is it better to inject small doses (100mg) once a week for the next x number of years, or medium doses (200mg) once a week for 12 weeks then stop for 4 weeks?

I feel like the major concern with T supplementation is the risen levels in the body, seeing as we naturally produce around 50-75mg/week - effectively half to a third of what I’d be injection.

I understand the half life is 12 days for Test C, so I feel like the once a week dose would keep my body at relatively stable levels without having to remember to do it twice a week.

Given that, if I were taking 100mg/week, I assume after the first week, I would be averaging around 100-150mg extra in my body at all times due to the presence of the precious dose/s still being in my system, which is why I’d like to start at a relatively lower dosage.

185lb, 25 year old male, lifting for about a decade.


Neither one will provide much benefit. I was low T, and my doc put me on 160mg per week. That gets my levels to the top of the natural range. 100mg is not even a replacement dose in some people. I know of some who require 200mg per week to be in the natural range. You don’t need to run a gram a week to get results, but what you are proposing is shutting down your natural T production to MAYBE get slightly above range.

Unless you have hypogonadism, there is no reason to think you do not have optimal Test levels now. If you want to cycle to overcome a plateau or something then do it and practice proper PCT. Otherwise, your low dose scheme is pretty worthless.


Closer to 7 days (I’ve seen 4-8 referenced tho). It takes 5 half-lives to reach peak stable levels; if you take 100mg/week after ~5 weeks you’d have 200mg always in your system.

Neither. Go on TRT (after bloodwork, of course) and find the dose that keeps you optimal or cycle with a dose that will actually increase the reward for the risk of shutdown, then PCT

Okay, so it sounds like using Test C is more of a temporary boost to blast through plateus and is not a consistent thing because it will cause my body to stop producing its own testosterone.

Any recommended guides for PCT? I eat a very balanced, healthy diet (smoothie in the morning, salad w/ meat for lunch, whatever for dinner with whole grain snacks in between). I also take a Vitamin D supplement and cocoa bean extract for the Flavonols. Is this not enough to allow my body to naturally get back to normal levels?

Also, once I’ve broken through that plateau and gained some extra muscle and strength, and then stop using, but continue lifting as I was, will I be able to retain those gains?

Thanks for all the replies!

No matter how much kale you eat it isn’t going to offset the decision to shut down your endocrine system. You’re hitting the off switch on the thing that made you a male. A few extra smoothies won’t fix that.

Short answer yes with an “if”, long answer no with a “but”.

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Lmao okay, then what will help my body recover from that

I think you probably shouldn’t even consider that until you’ve got a better idea of what you’re getting in to. Don’t take offense here, but you’re looking at engineering programs at Stanford while you’re still in sixth grade. You’ve got a long way to go before being ready to do anything.

Education is what keeps you from getting into trouble and making mistakes. If you’re interested in learning more there’s a lot of knowledge out there and many of us are happy to answer questions.


No. Well, not quickly like a PCT would. The whole point is to speed up the restart of your own HPTA before you lose everything you gained while on test.

Basically what iron said. OP has ideas that are what many of us had when starting out researching, but experience says a different story.