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To Cycle or Not to Cycle....?


I’m a 44 year old male, who’s basically been training my whole life. martial arts since age 10, weights since my teens and on going, kettle bells etc.

I am in pretty good shape, 6’5", 205 pounds and can outspar guys in the gym who are 20 years younger than me.

My question is this:

I am dealing with a lot of different injury’s because of of the many years of training, and it’s getting increasingly harder to maintain the level of training required to keep injury’s in check - because of injury’s! - yes, I know it sounds crazy, - but thats the way it goes.

Anyway, it’s been suggested that I should go for TRT, but I live in Europe and it’s just not possible in my country - there is no such thing as anti aging clinics here - and unless your test is zero, you won’t get it at the doc’s.

So I’m looking into a cycle of steroids or Testosterone.

My diet has been in check for years now - I eat a primarily paleo style, anti inflammatory diet.

I have studied the subject of steroids - out of curiosity - for several years now, and would consider myself a knowledgeable layman.

I been thinking of something like a test only cycle w. 400 mg test weekly, for 6 weeks and perhaps 1 iu of HGH for 3 months alongside of it.

As for PCT for the test, - I would probably go with aromasin and nolva. I’m skeptical about HCG as I’m hearing a LOT of differing opinions on it, - especially for guys who are slightly gyno prone( as I am, unfortunately )

Maybe it would be possible to do something like this twice a year, instead of regular TRT?
Some people have said that this is a life style choice - meaning that if I go on - and try steroids, test, etc. - I’ll be on for the rest of my life. That does not sound very practical to me, and not like something that I’d want.

So guys, any suggestions, comments, advice is welcomed!

6 weeks of test is a waste of ur time. id say a minimum of 8 if its test prop and 12 if its enth or cyp. have u ever gotten bloods done? are u soley concerned with injury recovery or do u have performance goals as well?

I have had blood done in the past, - the last time was probably two years, it wasn’t terrible, but not great either.

I’m mostly concerned with recovery after hard workouts, injury wise - it’s best when I train a lot, gets worse with less training, but my recovery isn’t good enough…

You need 1 thing…HGH. You could probably get it perscribed by a doc

Edit: just saw you can’t get on trt, never mind…