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to Cy Wilson

Cy…I read your article “Steroid Dieting” in issue #189 and have a couple questions. I am a competitive fighter (kickboxing/nhb)and I am interested in dropping alot of fat quickly. I took a few months off from the extreme training in order to rehab some injuries. Suffice it to say my diet was not a clean as it usually is but I did heal the injuries and managed to gain alot of strength (finally got that 400lbs squat for 8reps)…anyway back to the point I am interested in the steroid diet on the MAG-10 plan…the questions i have are is there a way I can add some more carbs and extend the plan timewise in order to have sufficient energy levels for a pretty aerobic workouts in addition to lifting?..also, what kind of diet should I go back to after I am lean as can be, in order to maintain that as lean a physique as possible?

FYI- I am 5’9" 170lbs and probably at around 15%body fat. I usually compete at 154 at around 7 to 8% bodyfat and would like to stay in that class. I usually cut 3-5lbs in water to make weight so in the past I have been around 160…I would have no problem cutting up to 10lbs of water if I had too…

I plan on my next competition to be mid-march…If you don’t recommend this diet in my case what do you suggest?..in the past a 40-40-20/3500cals/day type diet has been pretty good for me energywise…My training usually consists of 2-3 hrs of kickboxing and grappling and weight training (usually heavy compound movements with lots of squats, deadlifts etc…)4 times a week.


Cool, we have some fairly good kickboxers here in Omaha.
Anyhow, as for the diet, I’d suggest that if you’re going to follow my diet, you increase your carb intake. Like you were saying, you have quite a bit of time so you can afford to do this. I’d suggest that you go with 150-200 grams of carbs per day and monitor things from there. If 150 grams allows you to lose fat, but maintain training intensity(for kickboxing) and strength, then of course use that. If you find yourself having trouble, then up it to around 175 grams, and so on. Once you reach that desired body fat percentage, then you can increase calorie intake about 3-4 weeks before the competition.
By the way, with all of the energy that you expend, it shouldn’t take much to get back to your competition shape. Also, make sure to get your fat calories from fish oil.

i think mick doyle and kongnapa r in omaha.

Yes, Mick Doyle is very talented. I’m not sure if the other guy is here or not, but then again, I don’t follow the combat type sports too much. The only reason I know much about any of them is because quite a few of my friends compete in various “fighting competitions.” I can’t believe how many of them don’t take advantage of the more androgenic-androgens.

if mick’s there then so is kong.
cy i have a question for ya. i’m in the same boat as the other guy. i’m an ama. looking to break into the k-1. i need to lose fat but i’m worried about my strength and lean mass. i like the sound of the diet, however i don’t know if i can afford the mag 10. how long does it last?and could i use androsol instead?

Kirk, the Mag-10 is supposed to last 2 weeks, provided that you follow label recommendations. I’d prefer that you double that dosage, however. If you can’t afford that, then go with Androsol. I guess THE most important thing to consider here, in terms of dieting but maintaining strength, is that there is a fine line in terms of caloric intake. You need to reduce calories just enough so that you lose fat, but not so much that you lose a significant amount of strength and LBM. When you include androgens in to the mix, however, it makes things much easier, as it tends to give you more room to work with in terms of calorie intake (a nutrient partitioning effect).

thanks cy.


Thanks a million…I figured it be a simple change like that…much appreciated.