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To: Cy Wilson, Pleae Read

Hello Sir,

I would like your thoughts on the following situation. I understand you are not a doctor, and I certainly don?t want to put you in a situation where you feel offering such advice would be risky, so if you choose not to respond I understand. However, I am an avid reader of T-Mag and am looking for thoughts and advice other than those offered by the overly cautious medical establishment.

I am 28 years old and have never been what would be called a ?high testosterone,? individual. I have always gotten along fine, however I have never been overly aggressive, athletic, or libidoed. Recently, things have gotten worse. No sex drive, no passion for anything. I went to a doctor and had some blood work done. He said he has never seen someone my age with Testosterone levels so low that had not sustained some kind of injury or had some other kind of medical condition. Please see my stats?

Age: 28
Overall Health: Good
Testosterone: 369 ng/dl
Free Testosterone: 12.3
TSH (Thyroid): 1.3 Thyroid is good according to the doc.

I would like your thoughts on some things?

1.)What levels (Testosterone and Free Testosterone) should I shoot for? I am not just looking for OK, but optimal.

2.)Are you aware of any of the medications (pills, injections, patches) on the market and do you have any suggestions for which are preferred?

3.)I believe, as does my doc, that Testosterone replacement therapy is warranted here. Can you talk to me (or refer me to some resources) where I can learn about it and potential drawbacks?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my letter. I appreciate it.

Jason Maxwell

If you haven’t already check out the Think-Tank discussion on HRT. Cy and other experts cover the topic quite extensively.


I am officially an idiot. Didn’t even notice that.