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To cut or not to cut?

OK t-men and women, I want to talk about a subject that scares me to death. Vasectomies. Who here has been through it? What were the upsides, downsides or horror stories? My wife and I are done having kids. We’re both 37, and have three wonderful girls, but our medical insurance would rather pay for a pregnancy than birth control. So the question, her or me? Who would it be easier on? Would it affect T levels or is that a myth? I don’t want to mope around like a neutered dog! What’s the scoop?

I had it done in January (I’m 29 with two kids). I just didn’t want my wife to be on the pill long term because I worry about the long term effects. The worst part about it was abstaining for three days in April so they could check for sperm. Definitely no adverse affect on my sex drive. Of course it’s easier for you to get snipped than for her to get her tubes tied. Just make sure the doctor does the “no scapel” version. On tiny hole, no stitches. I worked out the next day with no problems.

Got the nick approx 8 years ago at age 32, no regrets. It is DEFINITELY a better and safer option than a hysterectomy and using birth control forever. As for the grisly details, I had it done Fri pm with local anasthetic, took about 1/2 hour (from memory) and more of a discomfort rather than painful. Drove home, and just chilled out watching tv for the night. Took it easy the next day but I remember I was up and about doing the lawns in the afternoon. Had some bruising for approx a week but no real hassles. As for loss of T levels, unknown, all else fine and my wife no longer needs to take the pill, no regrets.

It will not affect t-levels, AT ALL. Yeah I know the idea of your weiner getting a little snip is spooky, but you can screw to your heart’s content without ever worrying about condoms, ‘the pill,’ diaphragms, or any of that crap.

Oh, just one little thing…after you get the operation, you will have about two weeks to a month where there might be a few viable sperm still floating around, so don’t stop using the pill or condom or diaphragm instantly, or else you might get a little surprise…

Haven’t been through it myself, but have several friends that have been. It doesn’t effect T levels. You WILL feel like a horse kicked you in the nads, but that will go away after a few days.

I’m not a guy and so I didn’t have a vasectomy myself, but my husband did and like everyone else who has replied here, we had no problems in the performance department. Immediately after the procedure we still had to use condoms for about 6 weeks or so until he was checked for remaining sperm. After that it was a go. He chose to have this procedure instead of making me have a hysterectomy or keep using birth control. It is by far safer for the man because it is a short in and out of the hospital in a few hours process, whereas for the woman it is a full-out surgery. Also, IUD’s and birth control pills have horrible side effects and really should not be used for great lengths of time. I applaud you for taking this step and think many more men should follow suit.

I had my vasecteome almost 37 years ago when the procedure was somewhat new. I was scared as you are now. I was in and out of the doctor’s office in about 15 minutes. I actually watched as the doctor did his task. It was done on a friday afternoon. I rested over the week end and was back to work on mon.
Your equipment will work exactly as it did before the operation. There is much less harm to you than if your wife goes under the knife. They must go inside to “fix” her. In your case two small scars on your scrotum which will disappear in about a month. This is probably the best thing you can do for your wife. Good luck.

Did this in '86 when I weas still a squid. Had it done at Naval hospital. Mistake. They were training a newbie, and she grabbed the vas (?) and pulled it taught, then snipped on the wrong side of the clamp. The vas slipped back up inside and she started digging. At one point, I had a sailor on each limb, and a morphine drip going while they searched for it. The whole thing took over an hour, but the worst was yet to come. After about 2 days, my right nut started to swell. The dispensary kept giving me antibiotics, but they didn’t do squat. My sac was looking really angry, and the cuts, instead of healing, were oozing. On the 5th day, the incision on the right side actually split open from the swelling!!! I was looking at my nut!! I totally freaked out. They got me into the hospital overnight and gave some nuclear powered antibiotics via IV. This finally cleared it up. It took almost 6 weeks from the initial procedure to the point where I could go back to work. I spent a long time laying on the couch with an ice bag on my nuts. When I got back, the guys in my division gave me a jar of mayonaisse as a gift “since I couldn’t make my own” . My balls still work fine, T-wise, but the right nut has a kink in it. It looks like a big kidney bean. On the plus side, for a few weeks of my life, I had the biggest package in the state.

Unless you specifically signed away that they could do that, they are exceptionally lucky that you didn’t sue for malpractice. Ouch.