To CT for Prime Time

Sorry for making a post, unfortunately I’ll be in bed when you are online. Have got a quick question for you.

I run a search on T-Nation and found a lot of valuable information about my problem, but I would like to get an advice from you.

I’ve hard time growing my vastus lateralis, it’s relatively big and I do have a good sweep, but my medialis makes my lateralis look like I don’t know what. After a leg-session my medialis is hanging over patella…it’s overdeveloping and I can not stop it. D

Do you have any program, that your clients had good results with and the same problem as me?


CT- also what set/rep scheme is the best to use with a wrist roller? My forearms are weak and small- should I do heavy volume and light weight or light volume and heavy weight? 3,4,5X a week?

Thank you.