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To Continue for Muscle Gains or Cut?

I’ve been weightlifting for about 1.5 years now, maybe 1 year of that was decent, the past few months I’ve been much more serious after finding this site and cracking down on my diet.

I began around 175 and a fair bit of body fat (~20%). I was 15 at the time, and just turned 17 recently. I’m anywhere from 165-170lbs now, and an estimated 12% body fat (I’m waiting for my calipers to come in any time now to get a little bit better of an idea). I’ve made some serious gains in both departments, fat loss and muscle.

Now the question is, do I crack down and just try to build muscle while on a maintenance normal-carb diet (use Thib’s Carb Cycling?) or should I use EDT along with a low-carb diet approach (T-Dawg 2.0) and cut?

I can post pictures if it would help.

Grats on the progress so far. I was always a fan of the idea of carb cycling, and looking at your BW and BF measurements I think you’d be better off going on the carb cycle while trying to gain, rather than go low-carb and cut.

So after a year of serious training you weigh 165-170lbs, when two years ago you weighed 175lbs (at a slightly higher bodyfat percentage).

Do you even look like you lift weights yet…?

Seriously. What are you doing with all of this “cutting” and “carb cycling” crap. Waiting for calipers to come in the mail? WHY?

If I were you I would be gaining 3-5lbs a month for the next year without stopping. You are young, you have all this time to building up an excellent base of size and strength, and you’re wasting this time worrying about body fat percentages.

Thanks, cman10.

mr popular: Honestly, I could’ve been somewhere around 25% bf when I started.

Initially I hadn’t eaten correctly at all. I basically just consumed carbs, nor did I even have a proper workout. Like I said, only for the past few months have I actually been serious, although I did make gains before. If I need to post pictures, I will.

And regarding carb cycling/cutting… I’m basically asking if I should cut before I go for gains, or gain before I cut. I want to approach this correctly and not waste time like I had prior to finding this site.

The calipers are for measuring bf levels so I know whether or not my diet is right… I’m trying to find a decent balance and I’m no good at checking the mirror since I only see how I look now, and never remember ‘before’. And what, they’re 5$? Why not.

I forgot to mention I’m 5’9.5". Most kids my height are around 130-150lbs, not being overweight or being weightlifters.

If I should just work for strength… any suggestions on a good program?

[quote]Hugo82 wrote:

If I should just work for strength… any suggestions on a good program?[/quote]

Sure, but only because you asked.

It does work and can do wonders.

Thanks for the link.