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To Coaches and Athletes

Hi there. I would like to share with you all what I am doing in terms of nutrition. I believe we can open a discussion about that, justifying what works best for each of us.

Okay, first of all, I don’t have all the money in the world to spend on powders and capsules, but I honestly like to invest in my body. I take a whey protein shake, a piece of fruit and some carbs (such as wheat bread) during breakfast, early morning before 30minutes before training. Right after my last set, I drink down another whey protein shake, this time with maltodextrin. About 3 hours later, I have lunch (normally chicken and baked potatoes). In the middle of the afternoon (3:00) I drink a MRP, and another 3 hours later I repeat what I had for lunch. At night, more protein, all whey powder.

I've heard that whey goes through our system too fast, so it should be used mostly right after training. I guess I am doing the right thing. What about it? Gus.

Well, Gus, what are your goals? What sports do you participate in? Do you want to add size? Or are you looking to lose some weight? How many grams of protein per lb. of bodyweight are you consuming per day? If you’re looking to add muscle, where are the fats? How many calories are you eating per day? How about lifting protocols? All this stuff might seem inconsequential, but believe me it makes ALL the difference in the world when you get it right. When everything falls into place w/ regards to nutrition, something “switches on” in the body and results come fast. That’s been my experience anyway.

Gus: Gotta agree with Demo here. What you’ve laid out is a basic diet skeleton, that, depending on a LOAD of variables (with the main ones pointed out by Demo) can carry you in many different directions. Don’t get me wrong; it certainly is a good start (because it has you thinking in terms of a clean diet with clean protein); but it’s ONLY that…a start. So…let us know first of all your goals…then look closely at the things Demo pointed out.