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To Coach Davies

Coach, I sent you some e-mails a few days ago about ordering level 3 of the thrower program, since I have to pay by money order, and need the mailing address. I also wanted to know about the goals of level 3. Fortunately, I found the address on a printed e-mail in my house, so I’ll be mailing it today or tommorow. I was just a little concerned since I hadn’t heard anything for several days; I thought maybe the messages were not getting through. If that’s not the case, I’m very sorry for being a pest. I never cease to be amazed how such a talented and prestigous coach finds the time to help all us little guys. Thanks coach :slight_smile:

John Schwartz

Just a bump for the coach.

Thanks for the kind words but it really is my privledge to work with athletes like yourself. Not being a pest at all. I guess there must have been some problem with receiving my email. The Renegade site has a shopping cart that you can easily purchase from. You should have received your program by now so please email me personally if there additional problems. In faith, Coach Davies