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to Coach Davies

Can you describe these sticky hand drills, as I have still have a good deal of time (5 mnths)to improve my hand speed-technique if I start soon. Thanks Paul

“For Interior Lineman, we utilize a type of combative work that many martial artists will find similar to “sticky-hand” drills but within a complex plan of attack (POA)”


Sticky hands refers to a drill from Wing Chun gung fu, which is also used in Jeet Kune Do. Basically, it teaches you how to deflect and redirect your opponent’s energy as the both of you push against each other. It’s similar to the Ki drills used in Aikido, except in sticky hands, the object is to open a line of attack to strike, rather than lock up your opponents arms. Tim Tacket modified the sticky hand drill for football back in the early 80’s and taught it to the Cowboys and 49’s.

This is very difficult area to discuss but it involves a great deal of visual teaching. However I hope this explanation helps you - it is a adaptation of martial arts drill as previously noted by “Chris Esq”, although it was actually introduced to football in the late 60’s. While the martial discipline’s, Wing Chun and JKD teach these the sticky hand drills but it is highly important to adapt towards positional work. My interior lineman perform these drills in a very detailed pattern througout the off-season within the periodized model. I will be pleased to discuss further if you wish. In faith, Coach Davies

Thanks ChrisEsq, do you know any sites that explain these techniques more? Anyone?

Paul, unfortunately I don’t know of any web sites that teach this kind of information. The truth is that vetbal descriptions are worthless and visual demonstrations are only semi-helpful. This is something you really have to feel to learn. Therefore, you really need to find a Wing Chun or JKD instructor to learn sticky hands, and these guys are far and few between. Other martial arts such as Aikido, Tai Chi and Kali also use sensitivity drills, but again, you have to learn by doing, not just seeing. And as Coach Davies pointed out, these drills have to be specially adapted to football. However, if you want to begin to understand the basic concepts of sensitivity drills, I would recommend the following books: “Entering to Trapping to Grappling” by Larry Hartsell, and “Jun Fan/JKD the Textbook” by Tim Tacket and Chris Kent.

Thanks sounds like ill have to find someone to show me …

Paul - whereabouts are you located ? - hopefully either one of my athletes/coaches are nearby and naturally if you are anywhere near me you are welcome. In faith, Coach Davies