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to coach davies regarding training for ice hockey

Sorry I am having trouble with the search engine right now, but I need some help here. I want to start training renegade style for ice hockey in hopes that I can make a junior A team for the fall. I am totally lost as to where to start, so if you could point me in the right direction as to what program I should be following that’d be a big help, thanks.

One option would be to cruise over to renegadetraining.com and pick up his sport specific hockey training program. The program will be a great starting point and you can talk with Coach D directly to make any changes or additions to the program that you need.

Steve F, Jason got it right. Coach Davies’ programs are phenomenal for hockey players. In fact, right now he’s working with a top NHL draft pick … and they’ve been hitting it hardcore. Coach hasn’t been able to hit the forums as much as he’d like lately because he’s been traveling so much, but I just wanted to spread the word.