To Coach Davies/Mr. Staley

If I may impose upon you gentlemen for your advice and opinion…
I am entering the local police college January, and will be beginning active duty in May of next year. My long term goal is to be on the SWAT team within two to three years. Personal history: traditional bodybuilding training for approx 10 yrs, changed to Poliquin style workout designs 3 years ago. Martial arts(kempo) training for the last 5 years. 6’5" tall, 200 lbs, BF 6-10%, resting HR 64 bpm. After reading your articles in T-mag, as well as Pavel Tsatsouline, I am leaning towards maximizing my strength:weight ratio, while improving functional strength. I am planning on incorporating the exercises Coach Davies suggests in the latest article(overhead squats, turkish get-ups, etc), as well as beginning a program supplementing my martial arts training with yoga(hatha at first, then progressing to ashtanga style). My two biggest weaknesses are flexibility(primarily hamstrings) and pressing movements(long arms, shallow rib cage). I’m basically on a see-food diet - I have to eat truckloads to put on any sort of weight. Supplementing with ZMA, Tribex 500, vitex, and MRPs. Any comments are more than welcome(everybody jump in, please!).

Not quite sure what to say other than you’ve got some solid goals and with that your training should have a specific plan of attack. I will be pleased to assist in whatever way possible. In faith, Coach Davies

Pavel Tsatsouline has some videos on training for this type of stuff. He’s also written articles in MILO and other publications about maximizing your strength. Definitely incorporate his ladder technique with your pullups, as you will need to be able to do 20 or more with bodyweight and possibly 10 or more with an additional 45lbs attached. Pavel also recommended one-legged squats and hanging leg raises. Use his 3-5 method: Work out 3-5 days a week, using 3-5 exercises for 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps and rest 3-5 minutes. You definitely want to work on the basic exercises to get strong. Coach Davies and Pavel’s techniques should help tremendously!

Coach, the main thing I’m hoping for is a general idea for is a general guideline on the loading parameters. Right now I’m just learning most of the exercises - those Tukish get-ups are damn hard! What rep range would you recommend for them?
I’m looking at martial art training 4/week, yoga daily. Would you recommend strength work on the same day as MA, or alternate days? Should I go with go through accumulation and intensification phases, or would you recommend a different progression?

Many thanks for your advice and time, Coach. If you are ever in Canada or the northwest US, please post it. It would be an honor to meet you, and I would welcome the opportunity to thank you face to face.

to improve your hamstring flexibility, try doing eccentric only glute-ham raises and dynamically stretch them using straight leg kicks using the pendulum method (kick to knee hieght, then mid thigh, then waist, umbilicus, sternum, etc.)

Big Mike - I used to spend a great deal of time in the beautiful Northwest and it would be a pleasure to meet with you. With regards to your training - your demands will be highly specific with a GOAL of being a SWAT member. If I understand your training background properly, you will need to go through a transition phase into more volume and general fitness / functional strength. I would be honored to assist. In faith, Coach Davies

Go to dragondoor and buy Pavel’s SWAT training videos they are expensive but very specific to your chosen career. Good luck, K

Coach, Right now I’m alternating between the following two workouts in the weight room:

  1. overhead squats, bent press, and high pulls; all 4x8, 1.5-2min rest, with turkish get-ups, 10 reps each arm
  2. full squats(ass to the grass), weighted chins, and weighted dips; all 5x6
    I do torso work daily, mixing up janda situps, vacuums, just about every ab exercise I’ve ever learned.
    After reading most of the current Renegade training thread, I decided to add some sprint work to start to increase the volume. I ran 6x110 @ 75-80%, rested 1 min in between(92 degrees in the shade. Puked my guts out after the 5th. Don’t worry, I hydrated lots). This was previous to the weight training. Is this a good starting point, or should I crank it up some more? I know I can’t handle the volume given in the other thread(Yet!), but I am more than willing to push this as hard and as fast as I can. Hamstings and calves are still stiff, but I’m definitely capable of going out again today. Thanks again, Coach.