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TO COACH DAVIES: Mind Training

Coach Davies, I’ve been reading some of the old forum archives. You said that your athletes put a lot of practice into the mental aspect of training to improve the athlete’s mindset. Do you have a specific mental training program that you use (eg. visualisation, etc)? I’ve tried to contact you through email a couple of times but I can’t seem to get through.

the work in that area is quite extensive with visualisation and reflexsive techniques. An amazing topic that unfortunately few utilize within their training. Cant understand why you couldnt get through on the email - please try again (coachdavies@renegadetraining.com). In faith, Coach Davies

Coach Davies, have you received the email I just sent to you? Subject titled “FROM T-MAG FORUM: Mind Training”. Please let me know if you have.


just bumping this up one last time

Hey never got your email - please resend it. I am always interested in talking “shop” and would be honored to help. In faith, Coach Davies

DL, I just thought I’d chime in to let you know what I have done in the past. Meditation for one, and this is the hardest for me. Simply focus on a sound … you know, the infamous “OHM.” Sounds easy, but doing it without your mind wandering off somewhere, without worrying about what you have to do today, tomorrow, etc., not getting fidgety, remembering to turn off the phone. It takes a LOT of practice. As for visualization, that has helped me with confidence when it comes to competition. Go over in your head how you’d go about winning, from start to finish. It’s important to do this in a relaxed state, otherwise it can come back to bite you in the ass. And remember, there is a fine line between confidence and underestimating your opponent. But I have found that if you don’t play the game expecting to win, you’ve lost before you step on the field.

Coach Davies, I sent the email again. Please tell me if you have not received it, I can upload it somewhere for you to read.

I am very interested in this because I have a very important competition coming up and I’m scared to death. I have checked out numerous books from the library and one that I’m reading now is called The Achievement Zone by Shane Murphy. This guy has worked with a lot of Olympic athletes and the reading is pretty interesting so far.

Megan Quann knew just how many strokes she would take, and visualized the exact time to her world record in the Sydney Olympics. She was within .1 second of that time, and got the world record. Tiger Woods does so much mental training it’s unbelievable. There were studies done on people doing freethrows. After establishing a baseline, the poeple were broken up into two groups – one group practiced doing freethrows, the others did mental rehearsal. So which group improved the most? The ones doing the mental rehearsal. Why? Because they mentally saw themselves making the baskets more often, while the ones who actually practiced the freethrows saw themselve physically missing more baskets. There’s so much more to the mental game than a psych-up prior to a lift. Your mental training starts months before the meet.