to Christian Thibaudeau

I read an article of yours on Dr. about high tension training. It mostly uses olympic lifts but i was wondering if a person could use regular lifts and modify it for say a chest or back workout? Maybe i person could use incline presses as the main movement with heavy weights, then use bench press as your explosive movement with light weight and then finish up the workout with dips and pushups, could the program work like this? You also said to take minimal rest between sets, if i only took a minute rest between sets it would only take me around 25 minutes to complete a workout with 4 exercises, so would it be ok to do 2 body parts together like chest and biceps, even though it the person would be doing a large amount of sets? Sorry the question was so long but i really liked the article and was just curious. Thank you.

You’d be better off posting this on his forum - The Lair of the Ice Dog. See top of page.

(Let’s see if I get attacked for suggesting that this time.)

Consider yourself attacked.

Oh, wait… you’re completely right. Oopse.