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To Christian T or Stronski re: squat technique

I read your posts on squat technique and other exercises. They have been terrific. You guys have been a big help to me. Can you describe in more detail the way to keep my back from rounding when I’m in the bottom of my squat. I can’t get much deeper than parallel without this happening. Thank you in advance.

It’s a matter of arching your lower back at the start of the movement and keeping it arched as you squat down. Here’s a little tip to help you learn this technique:

  1. Take a two 6 inches strips of tape (the kind of tape used by sport therapists to tape ankles and wrists).

  2. Stick the tape on your back, one end of each strip is at the end of your lower back muscles (erector spinea) and the other end at the beginning of your glute, place one strip on each side. But sure to stick the tape while in an arched back position.

  3. When you perform your squat, if you feel that the tape is “tensing” or even un-stick at one end, it’s because you lost your arch.

This technique will help you learn to squat while maintaining a proper arch.