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To Charles Staley

Charles, this is a quick thought on a thread that was talking about smoking pot. I respect you and this is why I am addressing you. You were harsh on the kid who wanted to smoke up and find a way to minimize side effects. Now I’m not into pot and have tried it but never became anything much. But just yesterday there was a study that appeared on MSN that said people who smoked pot more than 5x a week lowered their IQ and those who smoked less than 5x a week actually got higher IQ’s. Now by no means is this the bottom line but a preliminary study. And it’s well known that many intellegent authors used pot to help their creativity. I think George Carlin is hysterical as well as a pretty smart guy and he has admitted to using pot infrequently to help realx and be more creative. This life we lead for me anyway is about training the body as well as the mind. And my curiosity is that could using certain drugs to relax and become more creative be worth it. Do I believe that smoking pot is going to make me smarter, not by any means. But do I believe smoking pot a couple of times a month will ruin or have severe affects on my physique or T levels, I’m not educated enough to answer but I would guess no. Just a couple of thoughts I wanted to hear your opinion on.

I read you martial arts training book and have put some friends on the routine and the are blown away, so thanks for making me look like a good trainer. I did give you the credit though. I think you have some of the best training ideas and deserve a great deal of respect.


Thanks for your nice words about my book Dave. To clarify my thoughts on pot: obviously occasional use will not be particularly dangerous. The PC response is “Hey, have fun, don’t worry about it” etc. So I think it’s my responsibility as a semi-public figure to let young people know that there’s another approach/side to the issue.

I have no problems with LarryBoy (I think that was his name) and didn't intend to be harsh, however I just thought I'd shake things up a bit and state my opinion that drugging is a usually a sign that your life is out of whack. People need to hear this, even though they may bristle. There ARE people who have never used any form of drug (including alchohol) and I happen to be one of them. This has nothing to do with being "holier than thou" as someone accused me of. I'm just making decisions for myself based on my own values and not what everyone else does. Most people are followers (as someone put it); I choose otherwise. The choices we make eventually become habits, which eventually become our lives.

I agree with Charles Staley 100%; occasional pot use is probably not going to hurt much, but it leads to a pattern, which can lead to long term problems. It’s always best to stand by what you believe, instead of just being a follower.

Just my 2-cents on pot. I went to a high school where 40-60% of the girls and 70-90% of the guys in my senior class smoked pot regularily. I am by no means judging any of, them for what they do is their decision. The main “side-effect” of pot from watching these individuals was in personality. Not all of them became the “pot-head” dumbass stereo-type, but everyone that was smoking on a weekly basis became more lazy and apathetic than they were before. The thing that I found most anoying is that every conversation with them eventually led to parting and pot. I had a freind who was a pretty big dealer in our school, but after he graduated he stopped for this girl that he was dating. After a few months he was one of the nicest guys. Then for some reason, she said that he could start smoking again. Almost overnight his personality revered and he is one of the biggest assholes, who cannot talk for five minutes with out mentioned pot. Just my observations, I am sure there is deviations to this, but on a whole I think most would aggree.

I don’t think your posts were at all harse,Mr. Staley.You stated something a lot of people don’t like to hear.It was a point well taken by anyone who doesn’t deny the negatives.As for me I’m not an angel,but some of the statements(on that post) were RETARDED!Although I have smoked pot,I don’t justify it as being “better than other drugs”.Anyway,to me,your point was very well taken,and you are someone I(and many others) strive to be more like!

Charles, you never had a drink of alcohol?

Thanks for your input. And Mr. Staley you cleared one thing up and I think this is the main point with anything in life. Anything is okay to do but when it starts pulling you of your desired path in life then it’s a problem. The hardest part is knowing whether or not you’ve been side tracked sometimes it’s not so obvious. But for those of us who set goals and achieve them well I guess don’t change. If your not achieving any goals or setting them then there is a problem.

I think that sums it up to some extent. Anyway thanks for your input all and at least we all got something out of this.