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To char-dawg

Hey char-dawg what is it like living in Japan being American and having a muscular physique? The reason why I ask is my roommate is from Japan and he says that all of the girls would go crazy if they saw me walking down the street because I am American and muscular

Funny you should ask that, because last night I was at this party, lost a bet, and had to take off my shirt. No lie. It was kind of a kick…but it’s not like stuff like that happens all the time or anything.

I have the type of physique that doesn’t look much out of the ordinary when I’m in street clothes (which over here usually means something fairly formal, not a pair of shorts and sandals). A little thicker than average through the chest and back, maybe, but honestly speaking most people around here don’t really notice. I’m more into the health aspects of weightlifting, and using it to keep myself young, than to try to be 230 pounds ripped or whatever.

Anyway, I don’t know that it really makes much difference. If you’re non-Asian, you get attention here, some good, some bad. Even guys who no woman would take on a bet do okay for themselves here. Often it gives them a swelled head (we call a guy like this “Charisma Man”, after a very funny comic strip that ran up in Osaka for a while), and I wonder what happens to them when they get back home.

As for what your roommate said, Japanese guys tend to have an inferiority complex when it comes to white/black guys dating Japanese (or any other) girls. Take what he says with a grain of salt. (And tell him I said “Gaijin ni makenai you ni!”) I think that it’s definitely true that someone who grew up in a western country is likely to have much better social skills than someone who grew up over here. That said, if you can’t speak the language you’re limited in what you can do. So it’s a trade-off of sorts.

Bottom line? I don’t think the physique makes much difference in picking up women here. Once you’ve picked one up, though, it’s nice to see the reaction when you get nekkid - 'cause most of the women around here have no idea what a male physique can look like when it’s been worked on for a decade or two.

Hey thanks bro. I just wanted to clear that up. Nihon de tanoshinde kudasai!

To take this in the exact opposite direction… What about a super skinny bastard with a boney face? My best friend is 6’ 135 pounds, and looks EXACTLY like Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols.Hes obsessed with the Asian cultures, so much so that since he was a wee lad of 14, hes been learning Japanese so that after highschool he could move to Japan. Not sure if you know what most pro skateboarders look like, but theyre usually Under 150, around 6’,have long greasy hair, and dress in rags. He tells me this “drives the women wild over there.” What do you say to that?

I had some girls take my picture, and then ask for my autograph, because they thought I was a movie star. I think that the skinny rock and roller would actually get more attention than the muscular guy. The whole music scene is pretty wild amoungst the younger crowd. Liike char said, if you look foreign, you are going to get attention, good and bad.

Out of my own experience, even over here in the states… to me it seems latin and asian women like bigger guys, more then white chicks.

Even though my current woman is white, in the past the majority of women who find me attractive are either asian, mexican, or rather… large themselves.

I think the question itself is a little off-base. Japan hasn’t had the “Arnold revolution”, so people aren’t into bbing (and the type of look it engenders) nearly as much as they are in the States. It’s probably impossible to imagine if you’re younger, but the whole physical culture in the States has been turned on its head since, oh, 1980 or so.

(If you want an example, go rent Scarface and take a look at the beach scenes. The women don’t look all that much different, but the guys! Most of them look like 12-year-olds with men’s faces stuck on top. Really. Check it out.)

So I don’t think that one’s body really makes much of an impact one way or the other over here. What’s far more important in terms of getting women is your “look”.

Again, if you look foreign you’re going to get attention. If you look like a 'boarder, you’ll be able to pick up high school chicks and head bangers, but more mature women won’t touch you. If you look like I do (a well-preserved 40-ish corporate type), you have a somewhat wider choice - but one that, alas, does NOT include high school chicks. (Hmmm. Maybe I should re-think my look…)

Just as a pice of advice though, whenever some guy says that something “drives women wild”, you can bet that he’s talking out of his ass. :slight_smile: Women come one by one, not in a pack. Sorry!

Just to clarify something, my buddy has had 3 asian girl friends, all exchange students from Japan lol. This kid is butt ugly.

Just what is it like to live in Japan language-wise if you hadnt the foggiest idea of the language? I find Japan amazing, what made you move there? Which city do you reside in? Thanks Char Dawg.

I’m in Hiroshima. Japan is doable even if you don’t know Japanese, because most of the vital stuff (train signs, etc.) is also printed in English. But of course it goes without saying that the more Japanese you know, the better off you are. For one thing, the Japanese themselves won’t really take you seriously (although you can still have a good time) until you’re at least somewhat fluent.

As for your buddy, yeah. One thing I’ll say for the Japanese: they definitely DO look beyond the external when deciding who to date!