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To Change, or Not to Change


Been experimenting some time now with my workout, trying to see what works and what doesn't. I have accepted the fact (thanks to this website) that I either shoot to burn or shoot to build, never both. For now I am shooting to shed the last couple of pounds I have left before upping the kcals to high levels in order to gain. In recent questions I asked, I had mixed feelings towards the idea of switching exercises each week.

When I say switch, I mean if one week I do bench press, the next week I might do DB Press. If I used the smith this week, I might use a machine or dumbbell the next. Granted, since I am running a calories deficit, I am not expecting to build strength nor am I expecting to build that much muscle, however, I wouldn't mind knowing the right way to do things. I have to say I have been seeing strength gains with some exercises, but not others. Leg Press for example is an exercise I have seen consistent gains in each week, but I do that exercise every week, versus something like Bench Press, which I don't do every week, and I assuming as a result, don't see as much of a gain if any.

Guess the real question is: Would it be best to focus on a specific routine with the same exercises for 4-6 weeks, then switch exercises, or is the switching of exercises each week ideal. I know some responses are going to be "whatever works for you" however, a professional opinion would be nice. I have been reading and searching the site for an hour now not finding a definitive answer.

In case someone asks, the reason I switch is because of the idea of muscle confusion. Trying not to let my body get used to the same thing so that I continue to achieve gains...


What is your current program? To answer your question, you don't need to "confuse" your muscles or switch exercises weekly.

Lift heavy and intensely, maintain a caloric deficit either by restricting calories, w/ cardio, or a combination of the 2 while getting at least 1 gram of protein per lb of LEAN BODY MASS (not body weight). That will result in fat loss while retaining as much muscle as possible.


My LBM is about 180 and I eat somewhere near 250 grams of protein a day....if I lowered them I would have to raise carbs which i don't want to do too much....my fat however can maybe use a 10 grams push.

I split my workouts to 4 days a week

mon- chest/bicep
tues- legs/ light core
wed- off
thurs- shoulders/tri
friday- back/abs

I do HIIT 3 times a week, first thing in the morning, and some steady state cardio 1-2 times a week.

My diet is 8 meals a day, 2 hours apart.

200-300 grams of protein
100-200 carbs
35-60 fats

the numbers change according to workout and non workout days. On wrkout days I try to do between 4-6 exercises 4 sets each, 12,10,8,8 and throw in a rest-pause set for some of the sets