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To Chad Waterbury


I just thought I would post about something that happened at the gym tonight.

My husband and I were in the gym together. He looks at me and says, "That guy right there is hands down the fittest guy in this gym." I kinda watch the guy for a while to see what he was doing. I did like his workout. So I decide to quickly ask him where he gets his workouts. (I know, annoying but I had to!)

He says, (English was a second language for sure)
"Huge in a Hurry. I found the book. They sent it to me. They said if I like, I keep. If I dont like, I send back. But, I like it so I keep it. I do it. I love it."

Funny thing is, he had no idea who wrote it or what T-Nation is. I love the people who just find a program and do it. No over analyzing things. They just DO IT! They are the ones who just get the job done.

He was "unloading" this week. He was VERY fit and he was working very hard. We were impressed.


This is great. More people should take that lesson home. Listen to the people that know what they're doing, and don't over think (or don't think at all). In the end, you'll be better off.

Thanks for sharing this post Krissa :wink:


Yes, follow someone else blindly and take care to not think for yourself at all. That sounds like a recipe for success if I ever heard one.


Sometimes people thinking for themselves can be the problem...it can be foolish to assume you know it all


You read, you ask people who are experienced at what you're trying to do, and you use your own common sense to determine what is useful to you and what is not. There are people here who have been at this for 10+ years, and yet say they are still learning. Do you think the advanced people on this board would have gotten to where they are by reading one book, then following the info in that book for their entire lifting careers?

There is a difference between thinking for yourself, and thinking you know it all.


I guess my point was, he chose ONE program that had proven results and followed it. He didnt decide 2 weeks into it to add 10 miles of running each week and more shoulder exercises, and maybe some more tri work. I think MOST programs (not all) will WORK if you STICK TO THEM and for an extended amount of time AND put forth lots of effort. Half assing any program will get you half assed results.

Some people wait or search for THE PERFECT program to help them reach their goals when they could have picked almost anything, put in hard work, and gotten results.


I think the disconnect here is often that people on this site don't want to just be "the fittest guy in the gym".

We want to be beastly huge.


There's also another aspect to this:

There's more importance to the fact that he, individually, LIKED the program than many give credit to.

From the standpoint of people getting results, even if we did a study with 100 lifters of a given category and standing similar to oneself doing one program, and 100 matched lifters doing a different one, and proved over an extended period of time that one did better on average than the other, in reality, if a person LIKES one program but the other just doesn't appeal to him, most will do better on the program they LIKE and believe in.

Assuming it's a decent program.

Regardless of whether for others, the other program did a little better on average.

No study needed, no experience of others needed. Other than that it is better if it's known beforehand that the program does work well for at least some people. (If it's totally untried, then just because one likes it after having read it is not enough reason to switch to it.)

Now if someone is stuck and not getting good results, then it can be time to give them a wake-up call and say that regardless of the fact that you LIKE, for example, Mentzer's approach to training, it's not working for you anymore and here are things you can do instead that generally work a lot better.

But when someone is getting good results then if they LIKE it, great! The program is working for them. Maybe the program another person thinks is better would not work as well for them.

We don't know, but we do know this one is working for him.

There is a lot to having the mental factor being positive.


Your husband might have, as we say here at T-Nation, "caught teh ghey".


x2 what mr. popular posted


Fittest guy in the gym doing a CW program eh?

Well that's interesting...

Must of been a super ripped 160 lbs, what a beast.


pics or it didnt happen


Well, Huge in a hurry hasn't been out for that long, has it?
So I dunno... I doubt that he suddenly became the fittest guy in the gym with a program he's only been doing for a few months.
(if he did, than that's a really sad thing)

Not that it really matters.


ANIMAL! One day we will get there Way, we gotta stick to it.


a guy found a program that he likes, that according to her and her husband is working for him whats the big deal again? Sure it might not be the best program in the world but fuck it if he's getting results then good for him. but like CC said I doubt the guy got all of his muscle doing this program that's been out for a few months.

Maybe in two or more he'll decide it's not doing as well as he expected or maybe he'll get great results and keep doing it. In the end, it doesn't really matter as long as he makes progress and enjoys himself.


You make a good point about sticking to a program and putting everything you've got into it.

It's a little ironic though that you say this program has "proven results" since (as was mentioned above) it's only been out for maybe a couple of months. That's not a very long period of time for a program (any program) to prove itself.

"Results" is also a somewhat subjective term. In this case being the "fittest guy in the gym" isn't exactly stellar results if the program is titled "Huge in a hurry".

Now, if the program was titled "Fittest guy in the gym in a hurry", well, then maybe. :wink:


I was just waiting for a comment like this haha


I guess nothing ever "happened" before the 1820's.


they had muralists back then.




I actually tried a little bit of the programs in HIAH. I'm sure it can give me decent results in whatever I'm trying to accomplish, but for me the workouts are just too boring.