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To Cardio or Not to Cardio????


So here is my question...i am a fuckin skinny dude, bustin my ass to put on some weight..i am eating a ton, working hard etc...but...

how much cardio can a guy do, to not lose the weight i am trying to put on??? i don't want to burn the calories i am working so hard eating all day...

i am 25yrs old, 6'1", 188 lbs (please don't laugh), been lifting for about 3yrs on and off, but steady for the past 8 mnths or so....i have seen some decent gains lately, like 9lbs in the last 2 mnths or so...

i work out 5 days/week, with all the major exerscises like squats, shoulder presses, bench press, deadlifts, etc...

so..again, final dumbass question..how much is too much or not enough??

right now, i do 20mins a week, only on leg days (2x's a week) to warm up...if there is a link i can go to here, please let me know..

thanks dudes....



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NOT to cardio.


definitely NOT any cardio for you ... eat, sleep lift, eat, sleep, lift, eat, sleep, lift, eat, sleep, lift...thats all you should think about if you want to get big


Personally, I think a lot of people on this site get waaaay too worked up over the notion of doing cardio and treat it like the plague. As always, I think balance works best.

You are doing 20 min 2X a week and you still put on 9 lbs in 2 months. In other words, it doesn't seem to really be hurting you. If you are truly doing it as a warm-up, I am guessing you are not going at it very hard, so probably no real harm. If you were doing something truly strenuous and multiple times per week, then yeah, it will cut into your efforts to bulk up.


P.S. No need to be ashamed or embarassed of being 6'1" 188 lbs. You're putting the effort to do something about it, so don't hang your head.


Saying a bit of cardio isn't need is bad advice IMO. Granted, going over board wouldn't be the goal. But doing 12 mins of cardio a few days a week at an intensity not too high would be beneficial.

A better cardiovascular system will not only benefit your health, but it also makes your system better at delivering nutrients to cells. I'm not sure about others on this board, but that sounds like a good thing.

There's a difference between doing 40 mins of cardio a week at low-mod intensity than it is doing 45 mins a day at mid-high intensity.