To Carb Or Not To Carb

In about 7 month I lost 85 lbs and now i am stuck on the last 10.
I read that I should eat cabs and protein at every meal(I have 6)I also read that I should not eat carbs after 6pm.Which is it?I see 40 40 20 and I see low carb and no carb.
I have tried to research this myself and now I am just confused.Please can somebody with a six pack tell me what they ate to get it.Thank you.

It’s a difficult question because people respond to carbs in very different ways. It would be helpful if you could advise what you did to lose all those pounds and what your protein/carb/fat ratio looks like right now.

Disclaimer - I don’t have a 6 pack, being in the middle of a bulk, but have been at 5-6% bodyfat in the past. What worked for me was tapering my carbs down later in the day. I didn’t cut them drastically because I didn’t need to - eating too little carbs made me weak and caused me to lose muscle. I just made sure that I was eating roughly half as many carbs in my evening meals as I did during the daytime. Others might have to cut back more, depending on how their body responds to carbs.

You really need to give more info if you want a more specific answer.

Aim for 2000cals ,40 40 20,I never cheat or havent in 7months.Eat alot of tuna egg white and chicken.Brown rice cott cheese,no fat yogert and skim milk.Greens brown rice and baked potato.Use a whey protien as only sup.
Train 3 day split 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps per body part try to increase intensity each work out.Cardio is running every day one high intensity one longer slower paced.
I spread the cals over 6 meals and drink a ton of water.This worked like a charm for 28 weeks then bang it just stopped.
Thanks for your reply.

do it right