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To Carb or Not to Carb


I started weight training/cardio 3 months ago as my beer belly was HUGE! I've been on a strict CLEAN high protein keto diet (about 20g carbs everyday) and I've lost 16 kg(35lb) in 12 weeks ( im now 80kg/176lb) and I've built a heap of muscle (newbie gains). I've become quite lean except I still have a beer belly.I don't use shakes anymore as I found I lost fat quicker without them.

So of course on a low carb diet I don't get the benifits of carbs in my post workout nutrition which consists of 140g smoked chicken breast,olives,almonds,mixed lettuce,chilli peppers,cottage cheese,parmeson cheese and olive oil)....

My question is...Should I stay on low carb and keep stripping the fat until my abs are visible and then start carb loading when I'm happy with my BFP, OR introduce just enough carbs into my diet now to replenish glycogen stores in my liver and muscles to promote better gains and give me some more energy for resistance training and cardio? If I should carb up... What would be the best strategy? I do not want to hinder my fatloss.

So far I'm happy with my results but if I can get better results I'll do it! Also I want to make the most out of the precious beginer gains.


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OP, if you're happy with your results, just stick with it. If you start to stall then you might consider changing things up.


Use L-Leucine in your postworkout shake/meal. It has the same benefits of insulin spiking as carbs.


gotta have carbs, 20g a day is terrible , u need like 130g for optimal brain fxn, and it leads to burning your muscles for energy 300g is good


Thx... I'll take that advise.
Yesterday my lifting was at its weakest ever and I think that's my body trying to tell me something. My scale weight has not been moving lately but my stomach seems to be slowly diminishing.( It's not noticable under my shirt anymore .. but it IS there)

As I still want to achieve fatloss do I stick to low gi carbs only or can I shake a bannana with whey PW? Do I jump straight into the 40-40-20 ratio? I haven't had carbs for 10 weeks.
I have been researching endlessly for 3 months and it makes it difficult for newbies like me when "experts" can't agree on the subject of carbs.
I'm glad I finally found this forum!


By the way while starting my body tranformation I knew nothing of the "atkin's diet" (or nutrition for that matter) as I've never been on a diet before. I simply started researching how body fat was stored and then tried to minipulate my body as best I could to utilise my fat stores. Whilst cutting all carbs and sugars I came across an article in an Australian Natural Body Building mag by a dude named Brian Peskin. After reading that I was shit scared to eat any carbs (except plenty salad/veg.

If you care to read the article and shed some unbiast light on the subject it would be greatly appreciated..
Here's the link- www.brianpeskin.com./articles/evilofcarbsnatutalbodz.pdf


still need carbs... that article was nuts... carbs ARE your number one fuel source!!! its easier to burn carbs then fat


I ate 1 cup brown rice with 6 egg whites and 2 whole eggs for breakfast this morning and 1 cup brown rice with chicken/salad (PWO) .. I'm starting to feel better already. As I still have some fat to burn, should I stick to whole foods with low GI like brown rice or sweet potato for my PWO meal? I am thinking that whey shakes with banana wouldn't really be suitable (PWO) for someone who is trying to shed some fat.


Why don't you read the article on carb cycling that just popped up?


I'm suprised I'm the first one to recommend it.

IMO the best thing about this article is that it teaches a well-rounded approach to carbs. Follow it and you should still be able to work on your gut while also not dying every time you pick up a DB.


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OP, carb cycling could be very useful to you at this point. You'll probably see some good muscle gains, and your workouts will seem MUCH easier. Almost immediately. A lot of guys think they are working really hard in the gym, but they're really just out of gas.


Thx for th advise. I've been carbing up on brown rice for 2 days now and I'm already getting a better workout. I'm trying to work out a nutrition ratio of 40/40/20 but it seems difficult.Is that ratio for bulking only? I can't seem to create a 500cal deficit using that ratio whilst getting enough protein.

Tonight I had a PWO shake with berries and 1/2 banana for the first time in months and that completely screwed up my my daily calorie intake to the point I have to skip dinner to create a reasonable deficit.

Am I right in thinking that there is no point bulking yet if I still have some belly fat to remove?
Do nutrition ratio's promote intense results or a they simply more of a guide?


Very informative THX