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To Canadians: Extra Charges?


Could possibly be the wrong forum, but..

What sort of extra charges am I looking at when ordering Biotest from Canada?

I would be looking at anywhere between $83 and $157 American in products. I would have to account for the dollar exchange rate, I know, but I would also like to know what the typical duty cost is, and what I could expect for shipping costs.



Really, nothing?


When I ordered a few years back, I didnt have to pay any customs charges, I was quite surprised.


Not a single duty charge? That could be..great.. for me.

I ordered a pair of shoes once, and the duty/customs/shipping were more than the actual shoes.


Not the one, I've ordered other things before and got duty charges that were ridiculous in comparison to what I paid for the items. But havent had a single duty charge on anything from here or bb.com Maybe I got lucky, dunno, only one way to find out.


I had high duty and custom charge. It makes Biotest products inaffordable


Yeah I order from America to UK and the duty/customs seems very ramdon. I recently ordered some books (£200 worth) from Cananda and was delighted when I got ZERO extra charges. There is a minimum too, below which there is no charge(in UK).


I never had to pay more than $30 customs. I have ordered 3 large orders from Biotest.


3 out of 4 orders that i ve made , i payed customs. I think they charge you when they open the boxe and they put their nice Canadian customs stickers......


Sometimes there is duty charge, sometimes not, I don't know the rules. If I recall you have to pay about $20 admin fees from Fedex then about 6.5% of sales tax (TPS).

My last Biotest orders have been done when I travel to US, I got them shipped to my hotel, and then I put them in my luggage... this way I save also the $57ish shipping fee since shipping in USA is free from Biotest.

If I order shoes or electronic devices, I ask the seller to open the box, to send it to me as an exchange or a repair from a defect I sent back, it worked well so far.


I consider them more as tax collectors than customs...


I love that this is looking like a random thing. I'm not sure now whether I should order a large order that will last for several months, or if I should just make one small order now. I obviously haven't ever ordered from Biotest, so making a large order seems silly to me.

I know everyone will say I will like Metabolic Drive complete, their creatine and their Surge Recovery, but what happens if I don't and I have 3 months of stuff? Decisions, decisions.


Depends on the shipping method you chose too. UPS is free from brokerage fee if you choose express or something like that, it's more expensive then UPS standard but you have no surprise when you get your package.


I ordered from fitpro i think it was or fitstop or fit something my supps came to 150ish, with shipping and duties it was over 200, fucking rediculous.


Biotest has great quality and very high standards but there are more affordable alternatives.

You can make do without Metabolic Drive and Surge Recovery.


when you oreder if you go FEDEX you pay $$$ becasue of duty and brokerage fee ($50 i think) but if you go slower USPS it is just taxes.

So order USPS and it is cheeper than ordering from anywhere in canada


I do purchase Biotest products from sndcanada on occasion (when I have money)... what do you guys think of the cheaper brands readily available to us (All Max Nutrition, Dymatize Nutrition, ProLab etc...)


Just recieved my order, and got billed 42$ for about a 270ish $ order (canadian $$). But it's random, sometimes they don't open the box and you get billed nothing for customs, but more often then not you get a nice addition to your invoice. What's more, policy doesn't seem to be the same WHERE in Canada your package crosses the border, some places are more expensive / more checked, etc.

Invictica: not necessarily, but for all the free infos I get, their designers stuff is priceless, so I'll order from them from time to time


I was looking at the Metabolic Drive because I work 9 - 5 Tuesday to Sunday and I only have one break; my thirty minute lunch break. Getting the Metabolic Drive and pounding that back in a single drink works far better than trying to hide the fact that I'm eating a sandwich or a chicken breast. May I ask a good alternative for MD?

The reason I want Surge Recovery is obvious. It was kind of the purchase I was least concerned about though. I can always just buy Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard Whey which has some added carbs for Post workout, then make sure I eat a ton of food at home.

This customs thing is kind of turning me off, majorly.


Dave, just a few things to take into account:

1) For a rather large order, even with customs, price is still more than fair.
2) If you're commited to have Biotest's stuff, ordering it from them is less expensive than ordering it from any other websites based in Canada. Thrust me, I've looked everywhere and done the maths. The least expensive begins at 2.5 times what it costs you here...