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To call or not to call?

Went out for a few drinks on Saturday night. On the way home on the train I was sitting opposite a gorgeous chick, got chatting to her, and she was geting off at the same stop as me. I asked her if she wanted to go for a quick drink and she was up for it.
Anyway ended up having a few too many.
we seemed to be getting really well, I went to the bar to get some more drinks when I returned she said she’d rang her boyfriend to come and pick her up cos she thought I’d left.
She asked me if I wanted her number but I said no as she had a boyfriend, but she seemed keen to give me her number and said ‘why don’t you take my number and I’ll leave it to you to surprise me as to whether or not your going to call’ and she said she definately wanted to see me again. So I took her number, and she text me when she got home, just to let me know she’d got home ok and stuff.
Anyway I text her the next day, and tried calling her but she didn’t answer her phone, and didn’t reply to my text either.
I’m not sure what to do now, had she been an ugly trollop the answer would have beeen much easier, delete her number and forget her, but she was beautiful, what do I do?
Do I wait a few days? a week?

Most definetly call back. The boyfriend thing shouldn’t be an issue because clearly she is not satisfied with what she has right now. It is not like you are invading and taking her away, she is leaving and you just happen to be picking her up. Don’t worry about her no sending back a text or returning one phone call, people have lives and sometimes they happen. Give it another day or two and then call back :slight_smile: Best of luck.

just wait dude. if u txt’d her she has ur #, wait five days call her again if she doesnt answer keep her # but wait for her to call u, if she doesnt call u, move on, dont wait too long, it will just waste ur time, moving on is better. Good Luck dude

dont be fishing in some other man’s pool. sea is full of other fish.

would you like it if it was the other way around.


Wait…just wait…

…or ride the train continuously until you bump into her again.

“come on ride tha train…and ride it” choo-choo (Don’t bother, I will punch myself)

I agree with the above. There is a sea full of other fish…just get one that doesnt smell like one.

I agree with Jay, plenty of fish in the sea. Besides, if you are looking for a relationship this chick will probably do the same thing to you. If you just want to sleep with her, then things could get real ugly, her boyfriend might hunt you down.

This young lady may be looking for a new guy, but if you decide to go out with her the question is, is she going to go out with other strange men for drinks while you two go out?

I agree with Jaystyles that is just wrong dude,as much of an asshole that I may be I don’t fuck with other guys chicks because I wouldnt want that to happen to me…IF she does call back and u do end up hittin it,I really,really hope that you think about it and just play it casual.If she is cheating on her B/F with you then leaves him for you because you guys fall for each other,then you can BET she will do the same to you once she is alittle bored…


As much as you want to call her i think it wrong to do that, I have never pursued a girl thats already hooked up, regardless of the advances and looks, it tells me a lot about the girl, most notably, about trust.

Wham bam thank you ma’am. Nail her but don’t pursue a relationship with her.


Diceman, why weren’t you pitching in to defend THE real diceman on my comedy central thread? Did you have your tongue up a girl’s ass or something? :slight_smile:


fuck all that waiting bullshit, if you want it go get it. while your waiting someone else is moving in dawg.

just call, life’s too short and all that

I would try to hit it and quit it. This girl is a skank, shes cheating on her bf, and who knows. You know the guy is gonna find out, you know the possibility of him SNAPPING and hunting you down is always there, so why even risk it? Id it hit, and get out. I dont care how big you are, you never know when another dude takes a guys woman, and he SNAPS, it could be ugly. Skank is gonna do the same to you as well. Dont get overwhelmed by her beauty.