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To Bulk or To Cut?



Before I get flamesprayed, here me out. I'm making this thread to start an intelligent discussion and to get some feedback about bulking vs. cutting. Here's my dilemma... I'm currently on a pretty successful 2 month bulk. I've put on 7-8 pounds and have made decent gains in my legs, my back, and my triceps.. But no so much my chest. The issue is that my body stores fat in 1 place; my lovehandles. So I've definitely noticed an increase in their size too, which makes me look a lot more soft.

I continuously fluctuate mentally back and forth between "I want to get shredded" and "I want to continue putting on mass." So, I'm kind of stuck because I'm not sure if I should continue to bulk.. At the risk of my lovehandles continuing to get bigger and throwing off my physique.. Or if I should cut down and see how lean I can get myself.

I attached a few pictures for reference. My stats are:

5'9" 170 lbs
3000 kcals
175 G protein
365 G carbs
85 G fat

If I were to start cutting down and seeing how lean I can get, what are some good strategies you guys have used with success? I've been really interested lately in reading the work by Dr. Jacob Wilson and Ben Pakulski regarding ketosis and fat loss.


Picture 2


Picture 3... Where my body loves storing. Pretty much the only place it does


Other side too


Some storage


It's your life, pick whichever path is gonna make you happy. If a bunch of random people say to bulk yet you aren't happy with your leanness, you're gonna hate it.

That said, if I were you I would continue bulking. Drop calories by 300 if you want to try to minimize fat gain. Your abs are still visible, you're not fat, there isn't really a reason to go reverse what you e done the past 2 months.


Why don't you do what you've been doing except lower calories slightly (50-200) over the next few weeks and see where you end up. Maybe play with some other factors like carb timing for example.

I see tiny love bumps not handles.