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To Bulk or Not To Bulk?


..this is the real problem of Amleto.. and mine too...

here some info about me:
i start training in jan 2003 (i was really fat 103kg and 1.70m)

since then i was really changed.. now i am still 1.70m but my weight it's around 90kg. and my ody composition really changed.

i'm not ripped off course... but i have but on some solid lean mass and strenght.

by now i'am around 16-18% bf.

my main goal is to be "bigger" :wink: so i'm sure i need more lean mass. what i'm wondering is if before start a new bulking phase i need to cut some more fat (in september 2004 before bulking i was 80kg... i was 98kg in may2005 than start a light cutting phase at around 2800kcal)...

what do you suggest? and which may be the best way to bulk (from a diet point of view)?


its totally up to you, what you want to do, but imo i would lean out some more first. try getting down to maybe 10% or less, and then try to pack on some mass. my reasoning is simple, when your trying to "get bigger" your gonna put on some fat. if your at 18% now, i mean to me its not really acceptable to be 20 or more %. but like i said its up to you.

also, remember the leaner that you are, the bigger you look. you might get down to 10% and like the way you look.



This is you will look like if you bulk, then cut. Well, not really.

Wait until Prof-X tells you what he thinks. He is pretty biased when it comes to cutting, but he knows his shit.


10%? mhh i think it's quite a low bf%.
i admit that i'm not sure of what 10& look like.

by now i have only the upper abs visible.. so you think i have to cut until putting out the full six pack?


by now i'm a bit leaner of the guy on 1st pic :slightly_smiling:

i was something like it in may (after my first bulking phase..)...

i'll wait :slightly_smiling:


it's prob going to be impossible to put out the "full six pack" until you've developed your core/abs further.

do heavy lifts and use good form. when it's ready for display, you will know.


thank you for your advice...

aside that i really don't care about showing my six pack..what do you mean by heavy lift?

here my stat:
w: 90kg

bench press: 130kg x 2Rep
squat: 220kg x 3Rep
deadlift: 150kg x4Rep

please, tell me if you need more info!